Bizarre Light Orbs Over California Prompt Interstellar Visitor Theories (VIDEO)

© Photo : YouTube/Chris Wilson / UFO sighting in San Diego 10/27/18
UFO sighting in San Diego 10/27/18 - Sputnik International
A clip with a mysterious flying object, uploaded by an ordinary YouTube user, has been quickly picked up by Disclose Screen, a popular channel among UFO enthusiasts.

Chris Wilson managed to capture a free-falling object that emanated a bright white light, hovering over San Diego, California at sunset. At one point, the alleged UFO split into two, which stunned Wilson, who, nevertheless, continued filming:

“That’s crazy. Woah, what the hell, it's stopped its free-fall and now there are two.”

YouTube users, who probably have a thing for conspiracy theories, appeared to be impressed with the video, leaving comments such as: “Cool, NASA will say it’s [sic] balloons or reflections,” “Wow, crazy. Great catch,” “Alien invasion” or “The war of Armageddon is raging.”

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Another user suggested that “an object flying straight away from you will appear to be descending. Helicopters and drones can easily hover and change direction in mid air,” while a fellow YouTuber wrote that there was a marine base north west of the place where the sighting took place.

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