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WATCH: US Woman Confronted After Dropping N-Word During Parking Dispute

© Facebook/DawnLennonUS woman calls man N-word
US woman calls man N-word - Sputnik International
On Monday, a woman in La Plata, Maryland, hurled the N-word at a man because of the way he pulled out of a parking spot. The altercation, which was caught on video, has gone viral, being viewed almost 90,000 times since it was uploaded on social media Monday.

On Monday, Dawn Lennon posted a video of the confrontation with the stranger on her Facebook account with the caption, "So while leaving the Walmart parking lot my husband was called The N Word, because he didn't move out the parking spot the way she wanted him to. So you know me I chased her down and confronted here."

"How dare she talk to my husband that way and in front of me and my children. The thing I thought was so profound is that she was proud of it and didn't try to deny it. My house was burned down in 2004 by racist and now this!!! I'm so ashamed to live in a country that supports this type of hatred and bigotry," the caption added.

In the video, an unidentified woman wearing a Redskins (American football team) jacket is seen parking her car. When she exits the car, Lennon asks her, "Did you just call my husband the N-word, in front of my children?"

"Yeah, I did," the woman responds, as she pushes the camera while walking toward the Walmart.

After the video was uploaded on social media, the woman was identified as an employee of Potomac Landing Elementary school in Fort Washington, Maryland. However, the identity of the woman in the video has not been confirmed by any sources yet.

On Tuesday, Prince George's County Public School (PGCPS) tweeted, "PGCPS is aware of a video on social media involving an employee. We are working to address parent & community concerns. Diversity & tolerance are our core values. We expect all members of the PGCPS community — administrators, faculty, staff & students — to behave in a respectful manner."

"Me and my family, especially my husband, have been very emotionally unsettled by this encounter," Lennon told Sputnik Tuesday.

"To know that people are so emboldened to come up to us and speak hate upon my husband and children. It's sickening that we have to live in a country where our very lives aren't valued just like the next person," she added.

"I really do hope this woman finds some peace and some good from this experience. Hopefully she learns how to respect her fellow man and not demean them using hurtful words. We are one race, the human race, and we should be kind caring and considerate towards each other. I can't imagine what it feels to be her living in a world where she has so much hate in her heart."

Lennon also told ABC7 this week that the woman in the video needs to apologize.

"She needs to apologize to the school system. She needs to apologize to those children. She needs to realize what she did and I don't think she realizes it," Lennon said.

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