Author: 'Theresa May Has Broken Her Own Election Manifesto Promises'

The United Nations poverty envoy has been hearing personal accounts of how the British government inflicted austerity has been impacting the public. Sputnik spoke to author Rob Abdul about the impact of austerity.

Sputnik: Just how damaging has the UK government's economic policy been under austerity measures?

Rob Abdul: We have endlessly been told that the end of austerity is completely dependent on Theresa May securing her own Brexit deal, which clearly isn't going to happen. As we've seen with the withdrawal bill being announced everything she has been saying has been a complete lie. Theresa May has broken her own election manifesto promises she made during the general election of 2017 to the public.

We are not leaving the customs union, we are not leaving the single market and the UK will be broken up with separate arrangements under a backstop agreement. Universal Credit needs to be halted and a full review needs to take place of its impact and effects on people. The Tory government have failed shockingly in tackling austerity and national debt has nearly doubled since they came to power in 2010. Where is all the austerity cut money going, why is national debt rising, this should be the question on everyone's lips.

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Sputnik: Why has the UK economic strategy differed so much to other countries that went through the economic crash?

Rob Abdul: The reason why I believe the public are suffering in the UK under these austerity measures, is down to the party in power, it's down to the Tory party. I believe they stand for the few and not for the many. They are invested in the interests of the few rich millionaires and billionaires that we have in this country and commerce rather than the general public at large. That is why a wave of cuts in Welfare in services and other public arena's.

Sputnik: How long could it take the UK to recover from these disastrous austerity measures?

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Rob Abdul:  I don't think there is anybody in the UK, economist or otherwise, who could give you an honest answer to that question. There is so much devastation, for example, the amount of food parcels that we are giving out and I would say the rise of food banks should give you and indication that the people are starving.

I think it's going to take many decades to overcome the damage and the services that have been cut.  We need a change of power a Labour government to come in to sort out the mess the conservatives have created in the last 10 years.

The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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