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Camgirls and 'Right-Wing Incels' Clash in Twitter Storm Over Tax Dodging

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The Thanksgiving weekend has been marked with an unexpected viral offensive, sending shockwaves online. Users slammed camera sex models for tax evasion and call on fellow netizens to report them to tax authorities. While some lambast campaigners as trolls, others consider them a serious threat.

Hashtags #ThotPatrol and #ThotAudit are trending on Twitter amid a new viral campaign, set up by “right-wing “incels” and men’s rights activists,” as News Corp Australia reports.

The acronym “Thot,” often used by Internet users, stands for “that hoe over there.” The flash mob encourages users to complain to the authorities, namely the IRS, about online sex workers, such as “camgirls” and Snapchat sex models, who allegedly do not declare their income.

According to the Australian website, the man behind the campaign is a Facebook user with the handle “David Wu”, who initially suggested netizens should report alleged tax dodgers, who earn money for sex performances on camera.

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The call was spread by US author and self-proclaimed neomasculinity advocate Daryush Valizadeh, known under the alias Roosh V online. He insisted that failing to report the gratification, so-called thots receive online, was a felony.

​He also stated that the IRS might reward those who report tax evasion.

​This triggered a proper Twitter storm online. Some tried to debate the legal bearings of the campaign.

​Others accused campaigners of giving way to their sexual frustration in this manner and insisted that one should report them for harassment.

​One user seemed to gain profit from the fuss.

​There were those who insisted that is nothing but trolling.

​However, many simply enjoyed another Twitter storm, posting memes and jokes.

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