WATCH US B-2 Dropping 'Mother of All Bombs'

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B-2 Spirit - Sputnik International
The Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb was developed back in 2007 to be potentially used against Iranian and North Korean nuclear objects, buried deep in underground bunkers, but in the end it was used to reach Daesh militants, hiding in underground tunnels in Afghanistan.

US Whiteman Air Force Base has released a video, featuring a B-2 Spirit dropping two massive 13 tonne GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators (MOP) in a test flight. The footage shows the moment MOPs unfold their stabilisers and hit the ground. The initial blast after the missile penetrated the upper earth layers is followed by subsequent explosion of its 2,404 kilogramme warhead.

The GBU-57 bomb is capable of penetrating up to 61 metres deep into the ground or break through 19 metres of reinforced concrete and its incredible weight limits its delivery strictly to B-2 Spirit bombers.

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The bomb was used in combat by US Air Force in Afghanistan, where it was dropped in the Nangarhar province in 2017, killing some 94 Daesh militants, hiding in the underground tunnels network.

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