'We Saw Proof in Syria Terrorists Received Funding From Abroad' - Ex-French MP

© AP Photo / Militant websiteDaesh terrorists pass by a convoy in Tel Abyad, northeast Syria (File)
Daesh  terrorists pass by a convoy in Tel Abyad, northeast Syria (File) - Sputnik International
A French delegation visited the city of Douma on the outskirts of the Syrian capital last week. The foreign guests inspected the extent of the damage to the city caused by terrorists, toured prisons, and saw the torture chambers that the terrorists had built, as well as evaluated the progress of reconstruction work in the city.

The head of the delegation, a former French MP, Thierry Mariani, voiced his condemnation over the vast destruction and expressed sympathy for the local population who has been through so many trials and tribulations. "The prisons that we have seen, especially the cells, indicate that the terrorist organisations do not have the least bit of respect for human rights. The presence of modern equipment in the carefully-constructed tunnels proves that the terrorists receive assistance and large funding from abroad", Mariani said.

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Other members of the delegation noted that all around the city of Douma, the restoration of buildings and infrastructure is being carried out; schools and shops are opening up. They also hailed the heroism and the sacrifices of the Syrian Army that fought to restore security and stability in their country.

French Police Car - Sputnik International
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Pierre Alexander, director of the public relations department of the Al Mashreq Christians Foundation, said that he was very pleased that normal life has returned to the country. He noted that the current situation is a far cry from what he saw in Syria during his last visit in 2015. At that time the militants where shelling residents of Damascus, getting around the city was dangerous.

The French delegation was accompanied by Syrian MP Butrus Marjanah. He told Sputnik that during the tour of the city, the French guests were constantly amazed by the amount of tunnels, prisons, and field hospitals built by terrorists. He said that this visit is significant as it suggests, for example, that the French people in general have a different perception of what is happening in Syria than those in the government in Paris.

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Following the meeting with the French delegation, the head of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Gassan Qalaa, told Sputnik: "We are ready to restore relations between our people from scratch. But this requires readiness from the other side". He noted that the decision to cut off relations came from Paris, so in order to rebuild them it is Paris that has to change its position on Syria.

Thierry Mariani noted that most French people want to restore relations with Syrians outside of politics. He called for organising a conference in Paris early next year. During which the whole world will be able to find out about Syria's progress in the spheres of politics, culture, and thought.

"We have ambitions to take part in the reconstruction of Syria", the head of the French delegation, Thierry Mariani, concluded.

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