Soros is Trying to Prepare Democrats for a Cold War Against China - Scholar

Billionaire George Soros launched an attack on China's President Xi Jinping in his annual speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He warned that artificial intelligence presented "a mortal threat to open societies" if used by authoritarian regimes. Soros also said that Xi's Belt and Road initiative only promotes Chinese interests.

Radio Sputnik talked about George Soros' speech at the economic forum with Adriel Kasonta, a political consultant and foreign affairs analyst based in London.

Sputnik: How justified is the criticism of China's president by George Soros, in your view?

Adriel Kasonta: I think that we have to look at this from two different dimensions. The first dimension is the fact from the realistic point of view, from the geopolitical realistic point of view, is the fact that America is pivoting to China. What we've heard from John Mearsheimer on many occasions, also in Russia when he was attending the Valdai Club meetings, is the fact that America or foreign policy makers in the United States are trying to reverse what Henry Kissinger was doing before this pivot and before we could see that America was fostering the alliance with China against Russia or the USSR and at the moment we are seeing the reversal. Now Americans are trying to do it the other way around, they're trying to create a balancing coalition between Russia and America against China, and we can see that it will mark a Cold War 2.0, a new Cold War waged against China by the United States.

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But the remarks made by Mr. George Soros, of whom I was writing an article about a few years back at the American Conservative, is the fact that he's expressing, in his words, the 'white savior complex' that traces back to Rudyard Kipling's famous poem, "The White Man's Burden". He can't say that China is a straight competitor or a threat to the Western societies but it's a threat to its own citizens, through the development of artificial intelligence, and so on and so forth.

So Mr. Soros is trying to portray his actions as goodwill, as supporting human rights in China and supporting the democratic cause in China, but the first question is: why are foreign actors, external actors so much concerned about the well-being of the citizens in other countries? We know for a fact that whenever the United States is trying to help or, as others might point out, get involved in the internal affairs of other countries, it is ending up very badly for these countries.

So from my perspective, Mr. George Soros is trying to prepare the Democratic base, because as we know he's a strong support of the Democratic Party, he's a large donor, he's trying to mentally prepare them for waging a war against China. Because it is a fact, we will face Cold War 2.0 and China and its Communist Party are perceived in the Western hemisphere as a new communist threat, as I know from my perspective, because I was born and bred in Poland, against Russia, so this is very obvious, we know the playbook.

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Sputnik: Last year George Soros said that tech giants also represent a threat to democracy, and he's also said that the Chinese people were his main source of hope. Do you think that this is really the motivation behind George Soros or does he have an underlying one? I was speaking about this to my colleague and I was saying that in the United Kingdom there's very little percentage of the population who knows of George Soros or even his name or what his motives are, whereas in another countries, maybe China, Russia and other societies, we are more aware of him. Do you think he's more of a threat to countries like the United Kingdom, for example, where he's trying to stop Brexit?

George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, listens during a seminar titled Charting A New Growth Path for the Euro Zone at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings September 24, 2011 in Washington, DC. - Sputnik International
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Adriel Kasonta: It's a very poor condition of the understanding here in the United Kingdom and in the Western Hemisphere who Mr. George Soros is. As we know, he became famous for his involvement in the devaluation of the British pound, known as the Black Wednesday. It was a huge hit to the British economy years back, and he is a threat to democracy, to the will of the people and, as I said, I would like to go back to what I said at the very beginning, because you mentioned that he pointed out in his speech that he's concerned over other people, I mean the Chinese people, but I would like to trace it back to Rudyard Kipling's phrase, I mean the 'white savior complex'.

It refers to the white person who acts to help non-white people, with the help in some context perceived to be self-serving. He's self-serving person, all his actions, engaging in Central European actions and Hungary, in Britain, whatever he does, he does it for his [self-interest]. He's not a person who is trying to help other people, he might be a philanthropist but he's a money man, he wants to bet on people, so people who are betting on other peoples' lives are not the best supporters of human rights or the will of the people, and this is the crucial fact that we have to understand. He might put this in nice words, sounding very nicely. Obviously we know the Orwellian 'Newspeak', saying that we want to help other people, but all he really does is fill up his own pockets.

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