'We Want to Wake People Up to Reality of BBC Propaganda' – Protester

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Thousands of people are expected to hold a protest at Media City UK in support of right-wing activist Tommy Robinson. Sputnik discussed the protests with Mitch William, a former EU adviser and founder of the platform the Daily Debate, who attended the demonstration.

Sputnik: What's the main reason that people are demanding and supporting Tommy Robinson today? What's the main message of this particular demonstration?

Mitch William: Well, Panorama, a BBC investigative TV show that aims to expose individuals and organisations, tried to basically do a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson. They contacted one of his associates looking for dirt and misinformation. They turned the tables on them and went undercover and [made] a documentary on Panorama. And people are here so Tommy Robinson can expose Panorama for what they are — the BBC's fake news, essentially.

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Sputnik: Give us your story, Mitch. Tell us a bit about your story and why you have come to protest on behalf of Tommy.

BBC HQ Broadcasting House, London - Sputnik International
BBC Tax Needs Slashing

Mitch William: I've come here because I'm against the BBC licence fee and I've come here to support the campaign against the BBC licence fee. This exposure of the BBC's fake news is going to help and aid that campaign and hopefully we can get this message to as many people as possible, because we shouldn't be paying 156 pounds per year to be lied to.

They always point the finger at the Russian media, saying it's state-funded; but the BBC is state-funded, publicly funded and they lie to us. We need to change that. Now.

Sputnik: What are you hoping to achieve as a group in this demonstration today? We know that your mission is to air your displeasure at the propaganda of the BBC and them not having balanced news coverage. But how are you going to disseminate this? It isn't just about demonstrating, you want this to go global and viral, don't you?

Mitch William: Yeah, I'll be streaming from Facebook the Daily Debate. We want to go as far as possible and basically wake as much people up as possible to the reality of the BBC propaganda and lead the charge against the licence fee.

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