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'In Fear of Her Life': Shamima Begum Leaves Refugee Camp After Death Threats

© AFP 2023 / Laura LeanIn this file photo taken on February 22, 2015 Renu Begum, eldest sister of missing British girl Shamima Begum, holds a picture of her sister while being interviewed by the media in central London
In this file photo taken on February 22, 2015 Renu Begum, eldest sister of missing British girl Shamima Begum, holds a picture of her sister while being interviewed by the media in central London - Sputnik International
The British Daesh* wife has barely been out of the news over over the past two weeks and continues to make pleas to be allowed to return to the UK after having her citizenship revoked by London.

Shamima Begum and her newborn baby have fled the Syrian refugee camp in which they were living after receiving a torrent of death threats, the Daesh bride's lawyer has told the Sun.

The 19-year-old Miss Begum and her son, Jerah, were moved from the Al-Hol camp in the North of the war-torn country due to what lawyer Tasnime Akunjee has described to the media as "safety concerns around her [Begum] and her baby."

Akunjee told the Sun newspaper that, "I can confirm that it is our understanding that Shamima has been moved from Al-Hol due to safety concerns around her and her baby. We further understand that indeed she and her child had been threatened by others at the Al-Hol camp."

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According to the Sun's report, other Jihadi brides in the camp were growing increasingly frustrated with Miss Begum for her willingness to talk to international media and for showing her face on camera. 

​​One source told the Sun that, "Shamima was directly threatened in the camp. She is living in fear of her life. There is a bounty on her head. She felt she had no option but to move her and her child to have a chance of survival." 

​Reports say that Miss Begum and her baby are believed to have relocated to a base along Syria's border with Iraq.

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Begum has become a recognisable face since mid-February when a reporter for the Times located her in the northern Syrian refugee camp. She headed for the Jihad in Syria at age 15 from Bethnal Green in east London. The terrorist bride sparked international anger upon saying during that interview that she did not regret joining Daesh, a group responsible for the wholesale slaughter of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis and for carrying out a number of indiscriminate terrorist attacks in Europe. 

​Soon after her interview with the Times, UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid asserted that he would do "everything" in his power to block British Daesh fighters and their brides from returning to the UK and promptly stripped Miss Begum of her citizenship, saying that she could claim Bangladeshi citizenship due to her mother's origins in that country. However, Bangladesh quickly shot down that possibility, saying that Miss Begum had been "erroneously identified" as a citizen by the UK government and that she had "never" visited the country.

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Since then, Miss Begum has companied that the UK's decision to strip her nationality was "unjust" and only carried out to "make an example" of her because she had received significant media attention, pointing out that other Daesh brides and their children have been allowed to return to the UK from Syria.

"I feel like I've been discriminated against because everyone was saying I was a poster girl for ISIS. I'm being punished right now because I'm famous. I regret speaking to the media. I wish I had stayed low and found a different way to contact my family," she told the Sunday Telegraph in an interview on February 24.    

* Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIS/Islamic State/IS) is a terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries

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