Why Does Left Care for Terrorist Begum's Cub and Not Britain's Murdered Babies?

© REUTERS / Stefan WermuthPeople are silhouetted against sky as they walk past the Houses of Parliament in central London, Britain October 26, 2015.
People are silhouetted against sky as they walk past the Houses of Parliament in central London, Britain October 26, 2015. - Sputnik International
Let’s get one thing straight, Shamina Begum is a terrorist and has been rightly stripped of British citizenship. So why does the demented liberal left care more about her than the little children and their mothers killed in the Manchester bombings?

How on earth has the left stooped so low? And why did they fall for her PR spin?

They portray her as a victim of grooming, a product of UK radicalisation.

When she was 15-years-old she chose to leave the UK for Daesh*. She was an A star student with a bright future ahead of her. She knew what she was doing. 

Why doesn't the left spend more time in condemning and hunting down those who radicalised her from the cesspit of certain mosques and schools in this country?

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In this file photo taken on February 22, 2015 Renu Begum, eldest sister of missing British girl Shamima Begum, holds a picture of her sister while being interviewed by the media in central London. - Sputnik International
Diane Abbot Denounced for Blaming Death of Daesh Bride's Baby on UK Officials
Instead we have Abacus Abbott, her Majesty's official opposition, the woman who would be Home Secretary if there was collective cognisance dissonance at the next election, stating "It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane."

There is no evidence that Begum was pregnant and gave birth. 

There is no evidence that she had two other children who also died.

Even if there was a baby, that child had a Dutch father and Begum had dual British and Bangladeshi nationality. As far as we are concerned, she is Bangladeshi, her father lives in Bangladesh and even he said Britain should not take her back. Bangladesh rejected her citizenship after we had stripped her of our passport. She is not our problem. 

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She started her PR campaign with the death of two other children and a pregnancy. 

I believe the pregnancy could be PR spin to fast track her out of the Syrian refugee camp.

The birth was the next stage. Still no private jet. 

Then there was the ultimate plea, the baby had died.

If this wretched woman had three pregnancies and three dead babies then that is her fault, not ours. She chose to leave Britain for Daesh, she chose to marry a Dutch Daesh terrorist, she chose to have her caliphate cubs. 

She chose not to condemn the Manchester bombings and murder of other people's babies. 

A girl wearing a t-shirt of US singer Ariana Grande carrying balloons from the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena leave a hotel in Manchester, northwest England on May 23, 2017 - Sputnik International
Daesh Bride ‘Made Her Bed', Shouldn't Be Allowed Back - Manchester Attack Victim
The left cite international law. Some on the right are indignant too, people like Philip Lee, Soubry and Andrew Mitchell who, by the way, also oppose Brexit (see, there's a pattern here). 

We have had Daesh terrorism or it's various incarnations for over twenty years but the law is slow to catch up with this cancer and how to deal with it. We've 'had the conversation' with the British people as so many politicians are so fond of saying when they refuse to take difficult decisions because of their lack of courage, lack of conviction or put their own careers before country. The UN, our judiciary and our politics is infected with Blairite liberalism that is out of touch with the realities of the consequences of the wars they made.

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Why don't they support the Home Secretary, who is seemingly standing up for British people who overwhelmingly do not want her back? At last we are seeing statesmanship from the political class. I hope this isn't just a PR and leadership stunt by Mr Javid. Stand strong, the people are behind you. Carry out our wishes and you may get to be our next prime minister. 

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*Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIS/the Islamic State/IS) a terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries

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