Girl Wins the Internet With Car Alarm Sound Effect Made Using Only Her Throat

© @P_gibb / TwitterCar alarm girl.
Car alarm girl. - Sputnik International
The young woman's video has received over 7.5 million views, and sparked countless imitations in what has since been dubbed the #CarAlarmChallenge.

A young woman's amazing ability to recreate the sound made by a car alarm by tapping her hand against her throat while making a high-pitched single-tone scream has turned her into an overnight internet celebrity.

The woman posted the five-second clip via her Twitter account, username @P_gibb, featuring her showing off her "secret talent" last Thursday, with the effect going viral and garnering over 285,000 likes, 90,000 retweets and over 2,400 comments, and even making it into major news outlets around the world.

The clip led to countless imitations, some more serious than others, and even a tribute video using the sound effect to create an entire song.

Other users joined in to show off their vocal skills imitating other things, from sports cars to dolphins to farm animals.

Speaking to The Sun, Peyton Gibson, the woman behind the car alarm imitation, said she found it "surreal that this video blew up as big as it did." 

"I think it's crazy that there's a challenge going around I never thought that a girl like me from Utah would ever influence so many people!" Gibson humbly noted.

Explaining that she was taught the car alarm trick by a friend when she was 15, the young woman said she was encouraged to upload the video to Twitter by her friends.

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