LISTEN as Jordan Peterson AI Model SLAYS Eminem's 'Rap God'

Just a few days ago, a skilled YouTuber followed Eminem’s advice and captured his shot by creating an audio recording, in which Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson can be heard performing the rapper’s “Lose Yourself” thanks to an amazing, yet scary, AI algorithm.

Coding Elite, the YouTuber responsible for the rapping AI version of Jordan Peterson, has apparently found out that his muse has been a longtime fan of Slim Shady, a.k.a Eminem, and his Grammy-nominated track “Rap God”.

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In a newly-released audio, Peterson’s model is back with Em’s line “But for me to rap like a computer it must be in my genes”, which is so spot on given how Miles – a name the content creator has disclosed to Motherboard – makes his haunting chef d'œuvres. 

Coding Elite used machine learning techniques to make the author of “12 Rules for Life” passionately perform “Rap God” – one of Peterson’s favourite songs – similar to the last time, when he made the Canadian professor perform Eminem’s 2002 masterpiece “Lose Yourself”, the defining song of the “8 Mile” movie.

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The YouTuber did reveal how he managed to make the audio recording mimic Peterson’s voice, namely by using two different speech synthesis methods to model style in end-to-end text to speech systems and prosody matching.

In the case of “Rap God”, Miles used a reference audio with an angry and emotional style to adjust his speaking style to the song’s passionate tone.

Peterson, whose musical preferences have been widely discussed on Reddit, is a self-confessed fan of Eminem. In a 2017 video, the professor, who rose to fame for being against using gender-neutral pronouns, described Slim Shady as being “unbelievably skilled in his ability to enunciate” and added that his “Rap God” is an “absolutely remarkable song”.

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