Starbucks in Winterfell: Coffee Cup Spotted in Game of Thrones Shot Spawns Memes

The creators and editors of Game of Thrones spent two years working on the eighth and final season of the epic show, but have somehow failed to spot a minor, but oddly modern, detail that may have ruined the post-battle Winterfell vibe.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Game of Thrones Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”, have inundated social media upon realising that a boozy celebration of the victory over the Night King in Winterfell’s hall has been ruined… by a Starbucks cup that was certainly not supposed to be in the shot.

Probably the world’s most recognisable coffee cup makes a Westeros cameo at roughly the 17:40 minute mark and is placed right in front of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, in a scene, which shows party animal Tormund Giantsbane toasting Jon Snow following the battle with the dead.

Yes, apparently, Starbucks in House Stark is a real thing… well, at least people on the Internet think so. In fact, some joked that the coffee chain’s original name was “Starkbucks”:

Naturally, the blunder was turned into an instant meme, with many netizens poking fun at how difficult it would be for a Starbucks cashier to get Daenerys’ full name:

Many fans have noted that it was not the first time that a coffee cup has made a surprise appearance on HBO’s mega-hit:

The gaffe is pretty awkward given how closely Game of Thrones is watched, and Timothy Burke, Deadspin’s former video director, has come up with a theory as to why the cup may have been there.

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He tweeted that the horns seemed to be filled with latte instead of wine, since viewers can see a brown liquid spilling out. The producers may have simply forgotten to throw the cup away after a refill.

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