A Song of Starbucks and Bottles: Fans Spot NEW BLOOPER in Game of Thrones Finale

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The show’s latest and final gaffe evoked a mixed response from viewers, ranging from disappointment with the last season’s quality to simple amusement.

The much-anticipated final episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones saga, which is famous for its unexpected plot twists, has apparently managed to surprise viewers with one final twist few would’ve expected in a medieval fantasy setting.

A number of keen-eyed members of the show’s audience spotted several plastic water bottles in the scene featuring a meeting between the show’s key characters.

​This discovery did little to lift the spirits of those of the show’s fans who seemed disappointed with how the series ended.

​Some also speculated that this blooper, just like the one before involving a Starbucks cup, might be part of a marketing strategy.

​And others just use this opportunity to have a good laugh.

​The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones series gained somewhat of a notoriety among viewers due to a number of gaffes and bloopers spotted by keen-eyed viewers.

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For example, in Episode Five, Jaime Lannister can be seen embracing his sister Cercei with both of his hands, despite the fact that his character had his right hand chopped off several seasons ago.

And in Episode Four, a Starbucks cup can be seen sitting on a table right in front of Daenerys Targaryen as characters celebrate their victory over White Walkers in Castle Winterfell.

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