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Maduro Vows to Devote His ‘Whole Life’ to People of Venezuela

© REUTERS / Ueslei MarcelinoPro-government supporters holding a Venezuela's flag attend a rally against U.S President Donald Trump in Caracas, Venezuela August 14, 2017
Pro-government supporters holding a Venezuela's flag attend a rally against U.S President Donald Trump in Caracas, Venezuela August 14, 2017 - Sputnik International
Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets to celebrate one year of Maduro’s most recent presidential term. In a speech to supporters, the president called for dialogue, but warned of a firm response to threats.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that he intends to devote his entire life to serving the Venezuelan people, adding that "heaven" protected him last year so that he can do that.

"Do you remember how on August 4 last year they tried to kill me with a drone with explosives? Who defended me? Heaven, our God. He allowed me to live for something, and I know why — in order to devote my whole life to the happiness of our people, to the prosperity of our country," Maduro, whose speech to supporters was broadcast on Twitter, said.

National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello gestures before addressing the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela - Sputnik International
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On 4 August 2018, Maduro was attacked with several drones rigged with explosives. One drone exploded over the street as Maduro was giving a speech to National Guard members in commemoration of the Guard's 81st anniversary. According to Venezuela's Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez, several Guard members were wounded. The president, covered by his bodyguards with ballistic shields, was left unharmed.

​Speaking at a Monday rally, Maduro vowed to protect Venezuela, despite his wishes for dialogue.

"I believe in dialogue," he said. "Yes to dialogue, yes to peace, no to violence, no to coup, no to gringo invasion."

"I believe in dialogue, but I'm ready to protect the homeland when and where it's needed," he added. "We all are ready to protect our homeland, together with our Armed Forces and the Militia."

​Monday marked one year since Maduro was re-elected to the presidency. According to a report by Venezolana de Television, thousands of Venezuelans took part in the anniversary celebrations in Caracas. Maduro won the 2018 election, securing almost 6.2 million votes, while his next competitor, Henri Falcon, received 1.9 million votes.

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Venezuela has been plunged into severe unrest since January this year, after US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself ‘interim president.' Maduro accused the United States of trying to orchestrate a coup in order to install Guaido as its puppet and take over Venezuela's natural resources. 

Earlier in May, Guaido admitted that he would seek to establish a "direct relationship" with the Pentagon. The opposition ambassador met with DoD, State Department officials Monday.

At the end of April, Guaido attempted to organise a coup, calling on the country's military to join him in an effort to overthrow Maduro, but those efforts failed. After the failed attempt, several opposition figures fled the country, while the Venezuelan Army remained loyal to the elected president.

Guaido's bid is recognized by the US and a number of Latin American and EU states. Russia, China and other states recognize Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

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