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How FBI, DOJ 'Bought Into' Steele's Dirty Dossier, Mysterious 'Source E' Claims

© AP Photo / Victoria Jones/PAChristopher Steele, former British intelligence officer in London Tuesday March 7, 2017 where he has spoken to the media for the first time . Steele who compiled an explosive and unproven dossier on President Donald Trump’s purported activities in Russia has returned to work
Christopher Steele, former British intelligence officer in London Tuesday March 7, 2017 where he has spoken to the media for the first time . Steele who compiled an explosive and unproven dossier on President Donald Trump’s purported activities in Russia has returned to work - Sputnik International
Attorney General William Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz are about to expose apparent legal violations by the Obama DOJ and FBI while investigating the Trump campaign. Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has expressed hope that the truth about the "Russian hoax" will eventually come out, smoothening over the divisions in US society.

In his first media interview on 18 May Attorney General Barr vowed to "uncover" the origins of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) probe into the alleged Trump-Russia "collusion" that turned out to be nothing but hot air, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Barr, Horowitz Preparing to Make Bombshell Revelations

According to Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist, the upcoming bombshell revelations will deprive the Obama administration of the image of being "scandal free".

"The reality is that the Deep State (surveillance agencies, technology companies, politicians, academia and others) has harnessed legal and other powers to shred protections theoretically available under our Constitution and Bill of Rights", Ortel said.

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He expressed hope that William Barr and the Trump administration "will examine the motives that led to assaults against the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency".

Earlier, on 15 May, Fox News' Sean Hannity reported that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had apparently completed his investigation into possible abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by the DOJ and FBI while obtaining a warrant against former Trump aide Carter Page. The inquiry was launched by Horowitz in March 2018. The assumption has yet to be verified.

In July 2018, Donald Trump partly declassified FISA documents related to Carter Page. In March 2019, the US president vowed to declassify more information on the matter.

Unverified Claims by Mysterious 'Source E'

As the release of IG Horowitz's new bombshell report nears, politicians and media pundits have called into question the FBI and DOJ's handling of ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele's "dirty" dossier, which became the cornerstone of the FISA request, according to a 2018 Devin Nunes memo.

First, they are voicing concerns about the dossier's obvious political bias, something that, according to the Nunes memo, the initial FISA application and renewals failed to reference. Steele was simultaneously undertaking research for the Clinton campaign and the FBI.

Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) - Sputnik International
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As The Hill's John Solomon revealed on 7 May, "the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded British intelligence operative admitted that his research was political and facing an Election Day deadline", citing Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec's written account of her 11 October 2016 meeting with Steele and Tatyana Duran, the ex-spy colleague from his Orbis Security firm. This meeting happened just 10 days before the federal bureau used the "dirty dossier" to justify issuing a FISA warrant against Carter Page.

The second "million dollar question" is why the FBI didn't verify the claims outlined in the dossier before proceeding with the FISA request.

On 16 May, a Twitter user named "Undercover Huber" drew attention to the dossier's Source E, described as an "ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump", questioning his/her credibility, as the source claimed that the Russians funded their alleged "US intelligence network" from the Russian Consulate in Miami which in fact has never existed.

​"This is critical to the credibility of Steele's source for this 'payments to hackers' allegation: if they're wrong about 'Miami' what else are they wrong about?" asked the Twitter user, who might be a former or current federal prosecutor, according to some conservative media.

As the dossier (Report 2016/095) indicates, Source E is the only one who speculated about the Miami payments. Steele repeated the Miami allegations in October 2016 during his meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec saying that payments to "those recruited" by the Russians were made "out of the Russian Consulate in Miami".

The same Source E, who was apparently unaware that Moscow has never maintained any diplomatic presence in Miami, was the primary source of information about the so-called Trump "pee tape" and "well-developed conspiracy and cooperation" between the Trump team and "the Russian leadership"; he also "confirmed" that Russia had been behind the DNC email leak. These assumptions have been repeatedly denied by Moscow.

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton, left, talking during the funeral service for Aretha Franklin at Greater Grace Temple, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, in Detroit - Sputnik International
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Steele's Miami remark caught Kavalec's attention: in her letter to a senior FBI official she highlighted that "it [was] important to note that there is no Russian Consulate in Miami".

According to John Solomon's 14 May op-ed, Kavalec emailed her written account with remarks to Special Agent Stephen Laycock, then the FBI's section chief for Eurasian counterintelligence, who reportedly forwarded it to Special Agent Peter Strzok's team. However, nobody raised the alarm about obvious discrepancies in the dossier and, eventually, the FISA warrant was issued as well as renewals.

"Why did the FBI and others pursue warrants at the FISA on the basis of such flimsy 'evidence' so many times?" Ortel asked rhetorically.

Having drawn parallels between the bureau's handling of the Trump-Russia case and its investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the Wall Street analyst questioned the FBI's apparent double standard approach. Clinton was "cleared" despite the fact she had exchanged top secret classified information through her unsecured email account.

"I absolutely believe that the American public deserves to know as much as possible about the Russian Hoax", Ortel said commenting on the dossier's flaws.

When Truth Comes Out, Americans Will Become Less Divided

According to Ortel, "history may show in time that the Obama administration and Clinton campaign wanted Trump to be the 2016 Republican candidate because they believed he might fall victim to the kind of surprises they eventually pulled in October and November 2016".

"Then, after Trump won, they realized that a President Trump, once firmly established, might get to the bottom of what could be the largest political and criminal conspiracy ever attempted in the United States — running the Federal government for the benefit of political donors to crush political enemies using taxpayer funds, and enrich politicians using many billions/trillions of dollars", said the Wall Street analyst, who has been conducting a private investigation into the Clinton Foundation's alleged fraud and corruption.

Ortel believes that when the American people learn what really happened during the 2016 campaign they will become less divided and come together in revulsion against corrupt politicians.

"Soon we shall discover and reinforce one aspect of America's governance approach — that no one is too big to jail — or we will all pay heavy prices for embracing corruption. In these momentous times, President Trump and other leaders can set precedents for the good that will be remembered and cherished for ages", the Wall Street analyst concluded.

The views and opinions expressed by the speaker and the contributor do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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