PewDiePie REVEALS What Keanu Reeves and Elon Musk Have in Common

© Photo : pewdiepie/instagramPewDiePie
PewDiePie  - Sputnik International
What could possibly unite Keanu Reeves and Elon Musk, except that they're both walking, talking Internet memes?

Overly secretive John Wick star Keanu Reeves and eccentric Tesla boss Elon Musk arguably are two of the best-treated personalities on the Internet these days.

We’ve all seen ‘Sad Keanu’ memes featuring the actor sitting in solitude on a park bench, while the Russian-born ‘How Do You Like it, Elon Musk’ meme recently went viral.

But there’s something more fascinating about them.

PewDiePie has taken to Twitter to point out something that has escaped our attention for so long – Keanu and Elon appear to share the same name.

Well, almost.

Some people just cannot be-reeve it.

“Coincidence? I think not!” a Twitterian wrote.

Another added: “The Reeves have the ultimate power.”

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