Farage Has Boris by the Balls!

© AFP 2023 / Hannah McKayBrexit Party leader Nigel Farage leaves a polling station after voting in the European elections, in Biggin Hill, Britain, May 23, 2019
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage leaves a polling station after voting in the European elections, in Biggin Hill, Britain, May 23, 2019 - Sputnik International
The Tory Leadership contest has clearly illustrated the terrible state of British Politics and the absolute lack of any real talent or conviction within the Palaces of Westminster. God help us if this is the best we can do.

I missed the Tory Leadership debate. I was too busy watching paint dry or two planks warping. Actually, I was busy having fun and sharing precious family time on Father’s Day rather than watch four Muppets lie and spout utter nonsense about the guy who is actually going to be the next Prime Minister, despite what they say.

I don’t blame Boris for not turning up, he is the only candidate that has any form of personality and the only one who has not had a charisma bypass. Why would he want to indulge in blue on blue contest with these four lickspittles trying to bring him down?

He probably also knew that lefty snowflake Channel 4 would use this lame debate as a way of trying to wreck his campaign and from the highlights that I have seen he was completely correct to ignore it, as it was a set up from the word go.

© Photo : YouTube/Channel 4 NewsBritain's next PM: the Conservative Party leadership debate
Farage Has Boris by the Balls! - Sputnik International
Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party leadership debate

I’ve seen some of the clips and Jon Snow wannabe, Krishnan Guru-Murphy, was straight on the attack.

The set was like a cut-price quiz show, more like 4 on one, than the classic Fifteen to One quiz show and the intro and attacks on the absent Boris were boring and predictable and of course completely biased.

Ever since Have I Got News for You used a tub of Lard as a stand in for John Prescott, which was original and genuinely funny, every two-bit programme has tried to use this device and frankly as a metaphor it has become tedious and boring.  I would also suggest that it is inappropriate in a news programme.

But then again, I don’t understand why the debates are happening at all and why there are so many and why they are on the box. This election is only giving votes to Tory MPs and then Tory members. Yes, I know the winner, which of course is going to be Boris, will be PM but this is no way to choose our next PM.

Theresa May was useless and a miserable failure and the House of Muppets is completely divided on Brexit and is not fit for purpose. By rights, the Government should have been collapsed and we should have had a General Election.

However, because of the EU betrayal, the self-serving pigs on all sides of the Commons are too “frit”, as Maggie would say, to face the very real anger of their constituents.

They were “frit” before the EU election tsunami of a win by Nigel Farage so by now they must be feeling as if they’re on Death Row waiting for the inevitable loss of their cushy jobs.

So, just like Theresa May they have adopted the limpet approach and are clinging on for dear life and simultaneously denying the will of the people who put them there in the first place.

But I am afraid they are all doomed.

It is becoming clearer by the day that the Peterborough by-election was rigged and there will have to be a re-run. Clearly, the Brexit Party will then take the seat from the scary anti-Semite Labour “winner.”

We know and they and the MSM know that if there was a General election the Brexit Party again would clean up.

I am not saying that they would win a majority but I am repeating what I have been saying for weeks now, that they would be the new DUP and hold the balance of power.

It would appear that many Tory donors and grandees agree with me as Nigel Farage is saying he has been approached by them to form some sort of Electoral alliance.

Many Brexiteers are worried about this and feel they cannot trust Boris. I share their concerns but, guys wake up and smell the coffee, Boris will have to deliver Brexit and probably a hard Brexit for his own political survival. The EU problem will not just disappear with the election of a new leader, it is still there, so I believe the prospect of leaving on Halloween on WTO terms is almost a dead cert and that will be BRILLIANT.

Three long years ago we voted to get our country back and we still want to be a Sovereign state and we will be, despite the best efforts of the Elite.

The self-servers and their lickspittle mates in the media were convinced that Boris would not get the backing of the MPs to get to the stage where the grassroots vote but they were wrong AGAIN!

Now they are petrified after his amazing victory in the ballot that he will get the keys to Number 10.

They keep repeating the mantra that the favourite normally loses in the end and they are even talking up the Mick Jagger lookalike’s chances after that first debate (You don’t think that’s because Rory wants a second referendum, do you?!)

The silly stories about Boris being told to hide in his bunker or submarine as they are ludicrously suggesting are also just laughable.

Let me be clear I don’t think Boris is another Churchill but I do think with Farage in tow we will get our Brexit. Make no mistake about it, Nigel Farage will have to be involved for Boris to get us out or we will face a General Election and Boris will be out of office quicker than Miserable May.​

​On my Sputnik Radio show last Friday my guest, James Delingpole summed this up as, “I love the idea where Boris is PM and Nigel Farage is holding Boris by the balls.”

So do I and I would urge all true Patriots and Leavers to work to this end.

The Tories now need to end this pantomime and just install Boris as leader and PM we cannot allow this nonsense to go on any longer and certainly not until July 12. As illustrated by Donald Trump’s attack on the useless Mayor of London Sadiq “Khant” there are other really pressing matters that need to be dealt with and dealt with now.

Don’t give me any nonsense about how this would be undemocratic as this whole farce is intrinsically undemocratic so let’s just get on with it please, before Theresa spends all the cash on efforts to boost her legacy!

Alternatively, the losers, who were on parade on Channel 4 could do the honourable thing tonight and put our country before their collapsing party and concede victory to Boris and then we can all get on with making Britain great again.

But hey don’t hold your breath!

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