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LIVE UPDATES: Russian President Vladimir Putin Holds Annual 'Direct Line' Q&A Session

The annual "direct line" session is a well-established tradition, as it has been carried out by the Kremlin since 2001. According to the Russian president, the format is useful as it allows him to address issues that require special attention.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is answering questions from the public during his annual live Q&A session, "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin". During the last year's event, call centres received more than 2.5 million questions; Putin was able to answer 79 of these.

The questions always reflect a vast variety of issues, from the economy and Russia's role on the international arena to Putin's thoughts on more personal matters, such as his belief in God, who he'd like to see as his successor and whether he feels lonely on the "political Olympus."

The session usually lasts more than four hours; the 2013 session lasted the longest, at 4 hours and 47 minutes.

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13:26 GMT 20.06.2019
13:17 GMT 20.06.2019

Responding to the question if Russian President Vladimir Putin was an alien, he said 'no' stressing that he had evidence, and his children could be witnesses. 

12:33 GMT 20.06.2019
12:27 GMT 20.06.2019
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki - Sputnik International
12:24 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he has a lot to discuss with the US in areas of arms control and bilateral economic relations. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump - Sputnik International
Russia Ready to Organise Putin-Trump Meeting on Eve of G20, US Sends No Signals - Kremlin
12:22 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during his annual "Direct Line" Q&A session that it is necessary to see how Russian law on fake news works before deciding on whether any further steps are required in this direction.

"I want to emphasise — in order to ensure that everyone understands what we are talking about — that we are talking about the deliberate spreading of false information. That is what this law is about. Let's first look together at enforcement practice, on how it is implemented in life, and then we would be able to draw a conclusion about whether it is enough or there is a need to do something else," Putin said, answering a question on whether he considered that spreading fake news should imply heavier punishment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacts during his annual live broadcast call-in show with the nation in Moscow, Russia - Sputnik International
12:12 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the possibility for a merger of Russia and Belarus into a single state is not being considered now, while the two nations should put in a great deal of effort to implement the accord on establishing the Union State.

"To date, we are not considering the issue of unification into one state. We are talking about the implementation of the agreement on the creation of the so-called Union State, which was signed many years ago. It is not a single state, these are different things," Putin stressed during his annual "Direct Line" Q&A session.

12:08 GMT 20.06.2019
12:03 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he felt responsible for corruption in the country and vowed to continue to fight against this type of crime.

"I feel responsibility for this outrage … If we deal with a crime, corruption, illicit enrichment at the expense of our citizens, we must always finalise [investigations] and that must be made publicly. We will continue to do that," Putin said during his annual "Direct Line" Q&A session on Thursday.

Russia Putin Nationwide Call-in - Sputnik International
11:53 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the adopted law prohibiting to critise the government saying that it predominantly targets the besmirching of national symbols and emblems. 

10:51 GMT 20.06.2019

Western policy toward Russia is unlikely to significantly change even if Moscow abandons its own national interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual "Direct Line" Q&A session on Thursday.

"Even if we surrender and forget about our own national interests, will there be any changes? Maybe there will be some external signals, but significantly it will not change," Putin said at the call-in session.

When asked whether Moscow could benefit from possible reconciliation with the West, the Russian president stressed that Russia had no and did not want disagreements with any nation.

"We had no row with anyone. And we have no such desire," Putin said. 

10:51 GMT 20.06.2019

Internet provider Rostelecom said on Thursday that the 'Direct Line' call centre was under two massive cyber attacks from abroad, however, the attacks were later repelled. 

10:37 GMT 20.06.2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Thursday that he could understand the issue of orcas that are being trapped at 'whale jail' as one of the creatures costs some $100 million. 

"The problem is well-known, and it is understandable why the difficulties arise, as far as I know, the price of orcas alone is about $100 million," Putin said.

10:25 GMT 20.06.2019
Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 2019   - Sputnik International
10:00 GMT 20.06.2019

When Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked about waste management reform, he received a video call from a 15-year-old blogger, Katya Adushkina, who discussed the pressing issue.

09:17 GMT 20.06.2019

The Russian national projects are aimed at modernising the national economy, which will result in improved living standards for country's citizens, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during his traditional live Q&A session dubbed Direct Line.

"The final goal of all such projects is to modernise the economy make it high-tech, raise labour productivity and on this basis improve living standards for our citizens, as well as to ensure the security of our state in the long term," Putin said.

Further addressing the state of the country's economy, the Russian leader stressed that it is necessary to change its structure, technologically advance it and introduce artificial intelligence (AI) drones. 

The Q&A session started with economic and social issues. Putin recalled that the Russian economy had faced a number of "external shocks" over past years, not only sanctions but also the adverse situation on the global market for the country’s traditional export products such as oil, metals and chemical products. 

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 2019 - Sputnik International
09:16 GMT 20.06.2019
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