Cybersecurity Expert: 'Google Does Evil – Is Arrogant and Should Pay for It, Legally'

© AP Photo / Ng Han GuanIn this Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, photo, a woman carries a fire extinguisher past the logo for Google at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai
In this Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, photo, a woman carries a fire extinguisher past the logo for Google at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai - Sputnik International
Gary Miliefsky, a renowned cybersecurity expert, expressed his opinion about the allegations that Google plans to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections in the United States and “prevent the next Trump situation”.

Sputnik: According to the released video, the Google official allegedly says that the company has been working diligently to “prevent” the results of the 2016 election from repeating. How serious is this claim?

Gary Miliefsky: The claim is serious and real. “There’s this facade about what they’re doing, but what they’re actually doing, what the employees are actually seeing inside the company is different,” a separate anonymous whistleblower told Project Veritas. According to the whistleblower, Google is a “highly biased political machine that is bent on never letting someone like Donald Trump come to power again.” According to Robert Epstein, Google algorithmic manipulation can shift millions of votes in national elections.

Google Search Bias Flipped Seats for Democrats in Midterms. New research from psychologist and search engine expert Dr Robert Epstein shows that biased Google searches had a measurable impact on the 2018 midterm elections, pushing tens of thousands of votes towards the Democrat candidates in three key congressional races, and potentially millions more in races across the country. The study, from Epstein and a team at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), analyzed Google searches related to three highly competitive congressional races in Southern California. In all three races, the Democrat won — and Epstein’s research suggests that Google search bias may have tipped them over the edge.  The research follows a previous study conducted in 2016 which showed that biased Google results pushed votes to Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Democrats and Google executives have disputed these findings.

Sputnik: How does this impact the flow of information that users receive?

Gary Miliefsky: At a moment when misinformation about search engines and social media bias is rampant, with both the left and the right amplifying unsupported claims, Epstein is asking the right questions, they say, about the unseen power of algorithms and how little most Americans understand about the way they work. Just imagine search results keep driving you to bias stories against your core values, will you start to question your core values? Will you change your mind? What if only nasty news were the search results on the person you actually like and think would be someone you would vote for?

Sputnik: The official also reportedly said that Google will not 'change its way' no matter what Congress or the White House says. What can be done in this situation?  What consequences can it have?

Gary Miliefsky: Google used to have a slogan “Do No Evil” and they removed the slogan. They spy on their users. They listen in on your Android device microphones and now they are meddling in an election by defining what is fair and what is not fair. This is the beginning of censorship by a company that has more than 10% of all internet traffic flowing through them. This is Orwellian and Evil. Google should be broken up and the FCC should begin an investigation into them and we now face a freedom, privacy, censorship watershed moment.  Google does Evil – is arrogant and should pay for it, legally.

The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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