Ancient Myths or Aliens? UFO Hunter Spies 'Asian Atlantis' on the Seabed Near Japan

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Having examined his discovery, the conspiracy theorist suggested that the symbol he found might point at the location of a city built there by aliens in times immemorial.

Prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring, who previously spotted an alleged underwater alien base and a suspected underground facility near Area 51 while scrutinizing digital maps, has recently announced yet another staggering discovery as he apparently detected some kind of structures underneath the sea off the coast of Japan.

Chronicling his exploits in his blog, ET Data Base, Waring pointed at what looks like some strange symbol emerging from the ocean floor, "about 1-2 meters deep and close to 6 meters across" and "millions of years old".

"It’s possible that millions of years ago, and an alien culture came down in this location to create a city. It’s also possible that this city was Atlantis itself", he pondered. "It’s obvious from the evidence worldwide that aliens did inhabit the Earth’s surface millions of years ago, but this may be one of the few locations were alien writing has been found".

Earlier this year, a Biblical researcher and writer named Ryan Peterson, also claimed that the ruins of the mythical city of Atlantis may actually be found in Israel.

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