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'I Will Not Accept a Second Vote to Leave the EU' says Lib Dem Leader, Jo Swinson

© AFP 2023 / Suzanne PlunkettJo Swinson during a news conference about the consumer payday loan market in London March 6, 2013.
Jo Swinson during a news conference about the consumer payday loan market in London March 6, 2013.  - Sputnik International
Jo Swinson was elected as the leader of the UK Liberal Democrat's on Monday, defeating contender Ed Davey. She fought her campaign on the basis of bringing a younger and fresher face to the Lib Dems, who are slowly making electoral breakthroughs since their wipe-out election in 2015.

Newly-elected Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson declared in an interview with BBC outside Parliament on Tuesday morning that she would outright vote against leaving the EU if a leave vote won a potential 2nd referendum.

When asked whether she would endorse leaving the EU if leave were to be victorious in a potential second EU referendum she said:

"No, because I was elected on a firm manifesto to fight for Scotland's place in the UK and the UK's place in the European Union"

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to fight for what they call a "people's vote" which would be a new referendum on the governments Brexit deal against the option to remain in the EU.

Positioning themselves as the staunch party of remain, the Lib Dems have seen significant electoral success, seeing a 19% increase in local elections and coming second in the 2019 EU elections, eclipsing Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. 

The centrist party hopes to capitalise on remain voters in Tory and Labour constituencies who are disillusioned with the two main parties Brexit positions.

The Labour Party have however since adopted a "public vote" on the final Brexit deal, who Mrs Swinson has since ruled out a potential coalition with.

Her comments directly follow the election of Boris Johnson as Tory Party leader and Britain's next prime minister, an arch Brexiteer who has promised to bring the UK out of the European Union by the 31st December even without a trade deal.



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