Florida Entrepreneur Offers UFO Abduction Insurance Ahead of Area 51 Raid

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Mike St. Lawrence, who spearheads The Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, and who has had an alien-abduction insurance policy for several decades, now offers coverage for anyone plotting to raid the top-secret United States Air Force facility known as Area 51, with some special requirements.

St. Lawrence said that the operation has existed since 1987 - charging $19.95 for a digital lifetime plan and $24.95 for a paper version, but for the recent area 51 raid he has new options.  The alien abduction scheme says it provides $10 million compensation in the event the policyholder is beamed up. It covers medical issues (all outpatient psychiatric care), sarcasm coverage (immediate family members only) and double indemnity coverage to the sum of $20 million in the event aliens insist on conjugal visits or the extraterrestrial encounter results in offspring.

To receive a payment, however, there should be a proof of abduction: evidence such as a signature from an "authorized, on-board alien" or a UFO tag number. St. Lawrence told WFLA last month his business has sold upwards of 6,000 policies since 1987. He says there have been two claims since the company’s formation—and only one big payout. The catch is in the fine print: cash is paid in instalments of $1 per year for 10 million years.

St. Lawrence clearly states that the product was created for those who want to give it as a gift. Text at the top of the site reads "The Perfect Gift for Anyone who has Everything" and a banner states: "You found us! Now you can purchase one of the most unique gifts on the internet."

“The people that come to me, if I think they don't understand the terms and conditions, that this is tongue and cheek, I won't sell it to them,” he told Fox 10.

The Florida entrepreneur wasn’t the first one to suggest that area 51 raiders would need some kind of health insurance. Netizens predicted that health insurance companies would make a fortune with this event.

The "Storm Area 51" Facebook event has made headlines all over the world, with around 2 million users signing up to invade one of the most highly protected US Air Force facilities, which also happens to be a magnet for all kinds of conspiracy theorists and alien hunters ever since the US began testing high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the 1950s.

The event, scheduled for 20 September, was seemingly launched as a farce, but the movement got blown out of proportion, even worrying the US military, which has warned prospective "raiders" against any such attempts. The Air Force has even held briefings on the Naruto running technique, according to Reddit know-it-alls.

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