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#BoycottSweden Trending as ASAP Rocky Fans Vent Their Outrage

A$AP Rocky faces up to two years in prison and fines for a street brawl involving people of non-Swedish descent.

Jailed rapper A$AP Rocky's fans are now voicing their ire using the Twitter hashtag #BoycottSweden, after prosecutors chose to press charges against their idol for assault.

With US Donald President having voiced his criticism over Sweden's handling of A$AP Rocky's case, Americans rushed to Twitter to call for a boycott of the Scandinavian country and its leading brands, sporting hashtags such as #BoycottIkea and #JustSayNoToPickledHerring.

Many seemed to draw inspiration from Trump's tweet that declared: “We do so much for Sweden but it doesn't seem to work the other way around”. Potential targets include IKEA, Absolut Vodka, Volvo, and Spotify.

“I always wanted to visit Sweden, especially in the winter. The way that this country is treating our young black men. I will never visit Sweden", a person wrote, adding the hashtag #BoycottSweden.

​Sweden also appeared under hashtag #S**tholeCountry.

​Still, Sweden is unlikely to face any significant economic repercussions, as none of those urging to boycott had a substantial following or were major public figures.

Other users, less prone to strong reactions, posted a list of things that originated in Sweden, and had to be ignored as well for the boycott to be complete.

​Some suggested that most of those calling for a boycott couldn't locate Sweden on a map and were likely to confuse it with Switzerland.

​Others were even more sceptical, and speculated that #BoycottSweden was trending simply because you cannot buy yourself out of prison in Sweden.

​Meanwhile, one fourth of Americans surveyed by The Daily Caller support a military intervention to release the rapper from jail in Sweden. According to the newspaper, such an operation would most likely occur from an aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea. From there, a team of commandos could be flown to Stockholm using Black Hawk helicopters equipped with stealth technology.

A$AP Rocky is charged with assault for an incident which happened in Stockholm on June 30, where he and his entourage ended up in a brawl with people of non-Swedish descent. Both sides' stories of the event completely contradict each other.

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, argued that he and his comrades were stalked by immigrants and eventually provoked to engage in a street brawl. The plaintiff, by contrast, argued that it was he who was attacked. Rocky is facing two years in prison and fines.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump voiced his disappointment with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. According to Trump, the films from the incident show that A$AP Rocky clearly was the victim.

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