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Right-Wing Group Hindu Sena Demands Ban on Quran in India Over 'Threat' to National Security

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A right-wing Hindu group known for its audacious, attention-grabbing behaviour has demanded that the Indian government ban the Quran, claiming that the Islamic holy book incites violence and constitutes a major threat to national security.

Hindu Sena's president Vishnu Gupta wrote to the Indian Home Ministry on Monday, saying the Quran threatens India's national security.

The group's founder suggested the radical move after reading the holy book of Islam, which he purchased at a bookstore in New Delhi.

"I found therein (in book) many contradictions and shocking instances of violence on non-Muslims and ex-Muslims as well as bribing people to enjoy an imaginary Islamic Paradise," Gupta has stated in his letter to the Home Ministry.

In the letter, he says the book lures in the youth and promotes terrorism, as it claims that Muslims who die fighting the enemies of Allah (Non-Muslims) can enjoy beautiful women called “Houris” (most beautiful women) eternally.

"The government of India initiated legal proceedings against a dangerous Islamic preacher like Zakir Naik but the truth is Zakir Naik was and is inspired by teachings of this book Quran and his actions and speeches are congruent with the contents and message of The Quran," the letter added while emphasising that the chief "inspirational manual of Islamic terrorism The Quran itself".

Earlier this year, the group had urged the government to ban burqas and veils in the wake of the growing menace of terror and impending danger of further attacks following the recent bombings in Sri Lanka, in which 253 people were killed and hundreds of others injured.

The group gained national recognition in 2016 after it celebrated the birthday of US President Donald Trump and prayed to god for his victory in the presidential election.

Founded by Vishnu Gupta in 2011, the Hindu Sena group keeps drawing public attention with unusual acts, such as by paying tribute to Queen Victoria on her 118th death anniversary, saying that she "freed India from the autocratic rule of the Mughals".

Despite being a Hindu-majority country, India is home to more Muslims than any other nation on Earth aside from Pakistan and Indonesia.

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