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Jordan Peterson Joins Online Debate on 'Beyond Sick' Transgender Woman Waxing Scandal

Canadian public thinker Jordan Peterson has chimed in on the controversy surrounding a transgender woman who is suing various beauticians for refusing to agree to wax her scrotum.

The author of ’12 Rules for Life’ and 'Maps of Meaning' has written, with thinly-veiled resentment, that Yaniv “consistently complains” to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and was “responsible” for the now-reversed ban of Canadian activist Lindsay Shepherd from Twitter.

Peterson has tweeted out a link to an incriminating piece by a Canadian news outlet, claiming that the trans-woman, called Jessica Yaniv, has a history of anti-immigrant bias – which could further back up claims that she deliberately targeted female aestheticians with an immigrant background.

People soon flocked to the comment section to vent their outrage over the new revelations.

“Wow really? I had a feeling she was an awful person,” one user wrote.

Peterson, a self-proclaimed free speech champion, has been closely watching the Yaniv controversy. He has given few comments on the case so far, but earlier reposted another piece accusing Yaniv of sexual misconduct and attempts to share child porn, and supported Canadian activist Lindsay Shepherd over her confrontation with Yaniv.

Genital Waxing Row

Jessica Yaniv (born Jonathan Yaniv) is a British Columbia resident who identifies as female but has male genitalia. The trans-woman has lodged human rights complaints against 16 female beauticians (three of them were later dropped) for their refusal to provide her with gender-affirming services such as facials and eyebrow waxing, as well as the intimate Brazilian wax, which is used to remove pubic hair.

While Yaniv makes the case that she has been discriminated against on the basis of her gender identity, speculation emerged that she has specifically tried to book appointments with businesses run by immigrants, which were likely to have a problem with providing services to a male-bodied person for religious reasons.

Apart from recent revelations in The Post Millennial, according to which Yaniv had called a Muslim person a “turban f***er” and called for immigrant raids, judges were also concerned with her possible bias.

© Photo : Jessica Yaniv/facebookJessica Yaniv
Jordan Peterson Joins Online Debate on 'Beyond Sick' Transgender Woman Waxing Scandal  - Sputnik International
Jessica Yaniv

The human rights tribunal has been conducting hearings into Yaniv’s complaints for the past few months, and is expected to rule on the case within three months.

Earlier this month, tribunal member Devyn Cousineau highlighted several instances in which Yaniv made controversial remarks about immigrants. On one occasion, the complaintant allegedly replied to a Twitter user: “You know what the problem is? People who come here with hateful views using their religion as a shield to spew hatred and refuse service on ‘religious grounds’.”

In a 30 May 2019 decision, a tribunal member said she was "troubled that some of JY's comments, made within this process and online, suggest that she holds stereotypical and negative views about immigrants to Canada."

She added that “many of the businesses which JY complains are against appear to be run by people who speak English as a second language and/or are racialised women.”

It came after one of the defendants in the case argued that Yaniv was not acting in good faith, and was motivated in part “by racism” and “financial gain”.

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