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Shoppers exit with their hands up after a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, U.S. August 3, 2019 - Sputnik International

Live Updates: Multiple Killed at El Paso Mall, Suspect Apprehended - Reports

A reported 20 people were shot dead and 26 injured in a gun shooting massacre inside a Walmart in the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday. One suspect has been detained after surrendering to police.

Earlier on Saturday, witnesses said, cited by local media, that they heard multiple gunshots, and claimed that there were several people with guns at the Walmart. Social media users posted footage said to be at the scene of the massacre.

At 11:03 am local time (15:03 GMT) El Paso police reported that they had responded to an active shooting near the Cielo Vista Mall and urged people to stay away from the area. Over an hour later, police said the scene was still active and confirmed that they had received reports of multiple shooters.

Later on Saturday, Police Sgt. Enrique Carrillo told reporters that the attack had ended.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in El Paso also confirmed that they had responded to the Walmart gun massacre and were "assisting and coordinating with El Paso police".

According to the governor of Texas, 20 people have been killed and another 26 injured in the shooting. The incident may be classified as capital murder and a hate crime, El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said during a news conference.

Eleven people injured in the shooting were taken to Del Sol Medical Center, where nine remain in critical condition, hospital spokesman Victor Guerrero said.

"Two of them are stable condition, nine of them are critical, but stable condition. Age ranges from 35 to 83 years old", Guerrero said.

US President Donald Trump on Saturday described the El Paso Walmart gun massacre a "cowardly" and "hateful" act.

El Paso, which has about 680,000 residents, is in southwest Texas and sits directly across the border from Juarez, Mexico.

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According to a statement from District President Dr. Neil Matkin, cited by CNN, suspected shooter Patrick Crusius attended Collin College in McKinney, Texas, from 2017-2019.

"We are saddened and horrified by the news of the shooting today in El Paso, Texas. A student by the name of Patrick Crusius attended Collin College from fall 2017 through spring 2019", Matkin said in the statement, cited by CNN.

01:20 GMT 04.08.2019

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon posted an Instagram message in the wake of the deadly shooting at a store in El Paso

00:47 GMT 04.08.2019

After a massacre at a Walmart store in El Paso, the city of Socorro (about 15 miles southeast of the city) said that its local Walmart was closing to allow its employees to go home.

23:58 GMT 03.08.2019

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said, cited by AP that hate crime among the possibilities authorities investigating in border town shooting.

23:43 GMT 03.08.2019

According to CNN report, citing eyewitnesses, a child ran inside "telling there's an active shooter at Walmart". However, no one reportedly took the child seriously because of his age.


23:27 GMT 03.08.2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered prayers for those affected by the shooting.

“Too many families in too many communities have been forced to endure the daily horror of gun violence. Enough is enough [...] The Republican Senate’s continued inaction dishonors our solemn duty to protect innocent men, women and children and end this epidemic once and for all", Pelosi said in a statement, cited by CNN.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has tweeted that "the situation in El Paso is heartbreaking. We are so grateful to the first responders on the scene. I am praying for the victims, the survivors, and their families. We must act to help end gun violence in America".

23:25 GMT 03.08.2019
22:57 GMT 03.08.2019

“You know that number keeps changing. I hate to pin down a certain number, but I think it was definitely a large number. At least what I’m hearing, the reports between 15 and 20 are probably accurate”, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told CNN on Saturday.

According to CNN, Police have not yet given a concrete number on how many victims there were in the shooting.

22:54 GMT 03.08.2019
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22:18 GMT 03.08.2019

Eleven people injured in Texas shooting were taken to Del Sol Medical Center, nine of them are in critical condition, the hospital's spokesman Victor Guerrero said Sunday.

"Two of them are stable condition, nine of them are critical, but stable condition. Age ranges from 35 to 83 years old", Guerrero said.

A spokesperson for University Medical Center of El Paso told reporters that 13 people had been delivered to this hospital, according to the KTSM broadcaster. He did not specify their condition. In addition, two children injured in the shooting were admitted to the relevant unit of this hospital.

21:40 GMT 03.08.2019
21:35 GMT 03.08.2019

According to NBC News, citing senior US law enforcement officials, at least 19 people were killed and 40 were injured as a result of the shooting at the shopping centre in El Paso.

21:32 GMT 03.08.2019

El Paso Police official has suggested that most of the victims were shot at a Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall, AP reported.

21:14 GMT 03.08.2019

Hospitals say they are treating 22 victims of the El Paso shooting, not including at least one who died during treatment, AP reported.

21:00 GMT 03.08.2019
20:50 GMT 03.08.2019
20:47 GMT 03.08.2019

However, local police have asked to avoid the area near Cielo Vista Mall or Wallmart because the officers are still working at the scene.

20:44 GMT 03.08.2019

A University Medical Centre of El Paso said, cited by AP, that one of 12 people who were transported to the hospital after the attack on a shopping complex has died.

Meanwhile, local authorities say multiple people were killed in the attack, but they haven't said how many were killed or wounded, according to AP.

20:42 GMT 03.08.2019

WalMart said in a statement: "We're in shock over the tragic events at Cielo Vista Mall... We're praying for the victims, the community & our associates, as well as the first responders".

20:24 GMT 03.08.2019

According to AP, citing El Paso Police spokesman Robert Gomez, a deadly attack at Walmart was carried out by a single gunman who is in custody. However, the US investigators are still reportedly trying to determine what happened during the attack. Robert Gomez said, cited by AP, that multiple people were shot but he didn't say how many.

20:20 GMT 03.08.2019
20:18 GMT 03.08.2019
20:10 GMT 03.08.2019

Local media say, citing El Paso police, that a suspect shooter was Patrick Crusius, 21.

20:07 GMT 03.08.2019
20:03 GMT 03.08.2019

According to local media, citing El Paso police, there was a facebook post made by the suspect shooter before the attack.

19:49 GMT 03.08.2019

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the incident "heinous and senseless act of violence" in a statement, adding that "We have deployed troopers, special agents, Texas rangers, tactical teams, and aircraft to the scene in a support role".

Meanwhile, Mayor Dee Margo has confirmed to CNN that a total of three suspects are currently in custody.

19:36 GMT 03.08.2019

Presidential candidate and former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke said he had heard reports that the shooter might have had a military-style weapon, adding we need to "keep that (expletive) on the battlefield and do not bring it into our communities [...] We have to find some reason for optimism and hope or else we consign ourselves to a future where nearly 40,000 people are year will lose their lives to gun violence and I cannot accept that", O'Rourke said, cited by CBS.

19:34 GMT 03.08.2019
19:15 GMT 03.08.2019

According to AFP, at least 20 people were killed in a mass shooting at the El Paso Mall. AFP also said, citing local officials, that at least 3 suspects had been apprehended.

18:57 GMT 03.08.2019
18:55 GMT 03.08.2019
18:53 GMT 03.08.2019

Presidential hopeful and Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke has commented on the situation.

"Truly heartbreaking. Stay safe, El Paso. Please follow all directions of emergency personnel as we continue to get more updates", he said.

18:51 GMT 03.08.2019
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