Squirming Snake-Like ‘UFO’ Spotted Over NY State Amid Conspiracy Theories of US Air Force Links

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A video of a reptile-looking aerial object over Washington was earlier posted on 13 July, but this type of sighting seems to be recurrent, as yet a new clip of the mysterious unidentified body has popped up.

No sooner had the conspiracy-crazed community recovered from the videos of snake-like cylindrical objects flying in the skies over the US a few weeks back, than a new, similarly reptile-looking UFO was claimed to have been caught on camera.

Footage posted to YouTube by beamsinvestgations1, a few weeks after the latest one on 13 July, sports a black cylindrical body hovering in the sky above Calyville, New York, on 6 August, with the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) quoting the witness as saying that it really was “a gigantic snake UFO” that moved like a living reptile.

The society then brought up the wriggling object on their website, arguing that it consists of “segments or spheres” making “an intriguing articulated body”.

“As the phone camera struggles to focus, it is patently obvious that the object in question is at a high altitude; so just as the witness described, it must have been 'gigantic!” the BEAMS went on.

Conspiracy theorists earlier eagerly explained that such sightings could actually be linked to the US government’s Space Force, which was established by Donald Trump as the US military’s sixth branch within the Air Force back in February. In particular, Blake Cousins of YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon deemed the object to be a high-tech spacecraft used by the US Air Force.

However, sceptics tend to believe, in the face of conspiracy enthusiasts, that such sightings could simply be uniquely-shaped balloons released into the sky.

Earlier this month, one ufologist, Scott Waring, having ploughed through tons of images from NASA and its European colleagues in the ESA, has come to observe an alleged fleet of UFOs, some of which appeared to be flying in formation right out of the Sun and in the opposite direction from it, he claimed.

The observation appears to be in tune with long-standing conspiracy theories that there are certain beings that reside inside the Sun and who occasionally exit the star through some gateway to run errands in outer space.

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