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Jessica Yaniv, a Trans Woman With Male Genitalia, ‘Forgot Tampons’ and Can't Go to Pool

Yaniv, who lives in the Canadian province of British Columbia, claims to have been denied intimate waxing services and other gender-affirming procedures due to being a transgender person.

Jessica Yaniv (born Jonathan Yaniv), a self-identified transgender woman from Canada currently involved in a scandalous waxing case, has announced that menstruation has stood in the way of a trip to the pool. 

“My period started so ya, couldn’t go into the pool,” Yaniv tweeted on Sunday, according to screenshots which have circulated on social media. “But it was so much fun! Forgot my tampons in my other bag fml.”

© Photo : Twitter / Blazing CatFurA screengrab of the tweet taken by a Twitter user
Jessica Yaniv, a Trans Woman With Male Genitalia, ‘Forgot Tampons’ and Can't Go to Pool - Sputnik International
A screengrab of the tweet taken by a Twitter user

The tweet appears to have since been deleted, but comments from Twitterians that are still available indicate widespread amusement – and sometimes anger – over the situation.

The problem is that Yaniv has yet to undergo a sex reassignment surgery, which means that the transgender woman still has male private parts.

Yaniv, however, refuses to self-identify as a man or a biological male, and describes herself as a “woman with a trans background”.

The transgender activist is currently suing over a dozen female salon workers for refusing to wax her male private parts. The case is being heard in a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, which is expected to issue a ruling in the fall.

Several Canadian publications have provided extensive coverage of the case, including Yaniv’s controversial record of online communication with teenage girls. As evidenced by screenshots that were allegedly leaked by the girls who had chatted with Yaniv on social media, the trans woman expicitly demonstrated fixations on pre-teen girls and menstruation, as well as a hostile attitude toward immigrants living in Canada.

At least one of these girls has reported Yaniv to CyberTip, the national Canadian tip line for reporting the sexual exploitation of children. Yaniv insists the incriminating screenshots are bogus and denies all accusations.

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