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‘You Have No Choice But to Vote For Me’: Trump Holds Rally in New Hampshire

© AP Photo / John MinchilloDonald Trump
Donald Trump  - Sputnik International
The US President, who is seeking a second term in 2020, asserted that the country’s economy will plunge if voters elect a Democrat.


US President Donald Trump told the audience that they have “no choice” but to vote for him in the 2020 presidential election, regardless of whether they “love” him or “hate” him, as he delivered a speech during a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Thursday.

According to the President, US markets would crash if a Democratic candidate is elected in the upcoming election.

"The bottom line is, I know you like me, and this room is a love fest, I know that, but you have no choice but to vote for me, because your 401(k)'s down the tubes, everything's gonna be down the tubes," Trump said, referring to the supplemental retirement savings system many Americans come to rely on as pensioners. "So whether you love me or hate me, you gotta vote for me.”

According to Trump, the Democratic party is a party “of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortion and socialism,” while the Republican party “is the party of freedom”.

Trump made the economy a major speaking point, arguing that under his leadership, the US economy is doing very well. In the meantime, some economists warn that the US might be on the verge of an economic downturn.

China Deal

He claimed that the US is “doing very well with China, despite the fact that they would have you believe to the contrary”. He insisted that China wants to “make a deal” with the US amid the ongoing trade war, but insisted that Washington is not interested in a deal at the moment.

“I don’t think we’re ready to make a deal. We’re taking in billions of dollars in tariffs,” he said.

Democratic Candidates

Speaking about his Democratic challengers, he said he would prefer to face Joe Biden as the Dem nominee.

“I sort of hope it's him. I don’t mind any of [Dem candidates]. You’ve got Pocahontas, who is rising,” he said, using his old nickname for Elizabeth Warren. “You’ve got Kamala [Harris]. Kamala is falling. You’ve got Beto [O’Rourke]. Beto is like, gone. We’ll see what happens. I think Sleepy Joe may be able to limp across the finish line.”

Gun Violence

Commenting on the recent shootings that rocked the country, Trump vowed to defend the Second Amendment, but underscored that the problem of weapons getting in hands of mentally unstable people should be addressed. Earlier, Trump advocated for background checks for people buying guns in a bid to reduce gun violence.

“People have to remember however, that there is a mental illness that needs to be dealt with,” Trump said. “It’s not the gun that pulls the trigger, it’s the person holding the gun.”

Back in 2016, New Hampshire voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, Trump was adamant he would win in the upcoming elections.

“We should have won New Hampshire, that was taken away,” Trump said.

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