New Postmortem Photos of Marilyn Monroe Revealed After Nearly Six Decades - Report

© AP Photo / Matty ZimmermanMarilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of New York subway grating while in character for the filming of "The Seven Year Itch" in Manhattan on September 15, 1954
Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of New York subway grating while in character for the filming of The Seven Year Itch in Manhattan on September 15, 1954 - Sputnik International
Pictures of Marilyn Monroe's naked corpse were taken just hours following her death after American photographer Leigh Wiener gained unofficial access to the Los Angeles morgue by allegedly bribing guards with alcohol, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the media report, Wiener shot at least five rolls of film inside the morgue that housed the actress's body following her death on 4 August 1962. The photographer reportedly sent three rolls of film to LIFE magazine - where he worked as a freelance photographer - but held on to two other rolls that featured images of Monroe's naked corpse.

Wiener allegedly kept these pictures in a safe deposit box and never revealed their location prior to his death in 1993, the Daily Mail said. The existence of the film was revealed by Wiener's son, Devik, in a new documentary series called "Scandalous: The Death of Marilyn Monroe" which premieres Sunday on the Fox News Channel.

According to the Daily Mail, photographs of the Hollywood icon's corpse lying on a gurney inside a Los Angeles morgue remained hidden for nearly six decades.

"It wasn't the first time he utilized a couple of bottles of scotch to get into an area that was off limits [...] He offered a drink to a couple of the guys, and the next thing you know he was in the back", Devik said, cited by the Daily Mail.

According to son Devik, the elder Wiener shot two additional rolls of film of Monroe's naked corpse.

"The last two rolls, which contained imagery beyond just the toe tag, he took back to his own studio and claims to have processed, examined, and then very quickly put into a safe deposit box", Devik revealed, adding that his father "actually died with that mystery", according to the Daily Mail.

Monroe was a popular American actress, model, and singer who often played "blonde bombshell" characters.

She is arguably the most iconic American female sex symbol of the 20th century and continues to be a popular cultural icon. Her mysterious death has been surrounded by speculation and rumour.

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