Conspiracy Theorist Claims He Spotted Huge Alien Spacecraft at Area 51 Using Google Maps

The UFO hunter claimed that Google and YouTube both changed their “publicity algorithms” to label information about alien sightings as “fake news” and “hide it from the public.”

As the date of joke social media event called “Storm Area 51” draws near, dedicated UFO hunter Scott C. Waring delivered a surprising claim about an alleged 33-metre wide alien spacecraft hidden at the enigmatic military base, which can actually be spotted via Google Earth.

Describing his findings in a video posted on YouTube, Waring actually guides viewers through the process he used to discover the shape he believes to be a UFO, step by step.

He also remarked that he actually first discovered the object in question back in 2010, and that he has re-uploaded the video now in order to test his suspicions about Google using its algorithms to attack him and other UFO researchers, labelling information about UFO sightings and the like as “fake news” and “hide it from the public.”

“This is Google working with the US government to cover up any UFO or alien evidence and hide it from the public. I promise the end of the week I will only have about 5,000 views on this video,” Waring wrote on his blog. “The UFO is real, it's still there, and I teach you how to find it in this video”.

Area 51, a US Air Force base, was established in the 1950s and has been used to develop and test aircraft under conditions of secrecy. The US government didn't even acknowledge the facility's existence until 2013, when the CIA declassified it following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The mystery surrounding the base has spawned bizarre theories as to what it may harbour, with multiple rumours suggesting the military was keeping classified data about extraterrestrials and UFOs.

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