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Netanyahu's Motto is 'Fight to the Last American Soldier' - Iran FM Zarif

© REUTERS / Amir CohenIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, Israel September 10, 2019.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, Israel September 10, 2019.  - Sputnik International
Tensions between Tehran and Tel Aviv have further escalated in recent weeks following separate incidents in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. While Iran has been warning Israel of the 'consequences of its aggressive actions,' noting that it doesn't seek war, Israel continues to claim that the Iranian regime represents a threat to regional security.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a recent Twitter post, suggested to US President Donald Trump that "Netanyahu was also instrumental in pushing the US into the Afghanistan quagmire."

The top Iranian diplomat shared an excerpt from a video of Netanyahu testifying before the US House of Representatives Committee on government reform about potential military action in Iraq in 2002.

The excerpt shows the moment after Netanyahu "guaranteed" that taking out Saddam's regime would lead to "enormous positive reverberations on the region."

When asked by former US Representative for Massachusetts, John  F. Tierney, whether he had proof or if the claim was "raw speculation on your part", Netanyahu responded by saying, "You know, I was asked the same question in 1986 [...] the way to deal with the terrorist regimes among other things was to apply military force against  them."

Tierney doubted at the time that US military action in Afghanistan would lead to regional stability.

"I am running out of time, so I was quickly trying to get to that, I think we have done what you proposed in Afghanistan, yet I haven't seen that neighborhood effect," he said.

The video fragment posted by Zarif ends at this moment, missing the Israeli prime minister describing his "winning formula."

"The more victories you amass, the easier the next victory becomes. The first victory in Afghanistan makes a second victory in Iraq that much easier. The second victory in Iraq will make the third victory that much easier, too, but it may change the nature of achieving that victory," Netanyahu said."It may be possible to have implosions take place. I don't guarantee it, Mr. Tierney, but I think it makes it more likely, and therefore I think the choice of Iraq is a good choice, it is the right choice."

Tensions between Tehran and Tel-Aviv escalated following a series of incidents in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in recent weeks. On 25 August, two Iran-backed organization members were killed in an Israeli strike in Syria and two drones crashed near the Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut, reportedly damaging a Hezbollah media centre in the city's suburbs. It was also reported in August that Israel carried out several strikes in Iraq, including a 19 July attack north of Baghdad that targeted a base allegedly used by Iran's IRGC.

Netanyahu at the time said that, "We’re acting not only if required, we’re acting in very many theatres against a state that seeks to annihilate us. Obviously I’ve given the security forces the order and the operational freedom to do what is necessary in order to disrupt these plots by Iran. And obviously I’ve also led, and in many ways continue to lead, a global effort against Iran."

On Monday, Netanyahu announced that Israeli intelligence services had exposed an 'additional secret site' connected with Iran's alleged nuclear program that had purportedly been dismantled after Iranian authorities were said to have discovered that its existence had been uncovered by Tel Aviv.

Zarif dismissed the accusations and shared an excerpt from the same video, in which Netanyahu promised "positive reverberations" if the US would topple Saddam's regime.

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