Gemini Observatory Telescope Snaps Picture of 'Interstellar Visitor' Cruising Through Solar System

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Milky Way Galaxy - Sputnik International
The space object’s pronounced tail, which is apparently a product of outgassing, seems to confirm that our solar system’s new visitor is indeed a comet.

Researchers at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii have managed to obtain images of a new comet designated as C/2019 Q4 that was recently spotted by Russian amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov.

According to Science Alert, the space object was captured by the Gemini North Telescope's Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph, with the picture being snapped on the night of 9-10 September.

​"This image was possible because of Gemini's ability to rapidly adjust observations and observe objects like this, which have very short windows of visibility. However, we really had to scramble for this one since we got the final details at 3:00 am and were observing it by 4:45!" an astronomer at the observatory named Andrew Stephens said.

The media outlet also notes that the space object’s "very pronounced tail", which is visible on the photo, confirms that it is indeed a comet, noting that “C/2019 Q4 is the first interstellar visitor to clearly form a tail as a result of outgassing.”

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