Cameron Is a Coward

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UK PM David Cameron - Sputnik International
David Cameron has been 'hugely depressed', 'miserable' and ‘has struggled to sleep’ since resigning over the Referendum result. Do you care? Because I don’t.

I am not making light of depression either, it is a serious illness but if you believe he has actually been depressed then you probably believed him when he said he was off to Brussels to get an agreement to limit freedom of movement when we were getting swamped with legal and illegal immigrants when he was in power.

© AP Photo / Matt DunhamIn this Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 file photo Britain"s Prime Minister David Cameron walks past a map of Europe on a screen as he walks away after making a speech on holding a referendum on staying in the European Union in London.
Cameron Is a Coward - Sputnik International
In this Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 file photo Britain"s Prime Minister David Cameron walks past a map of Europe on a screen as he walks away after making a speech on holding a referendum on staying in the European Union in London.

Depressed my arse! This man is a lying coward.

This is the man who promised that the referendum was a once in a lifetime decision and that he and his government would implement the decision of the people.

Of course, like the posh kid who we used to let play football with us on Radford Common in the sixties (because he had a proper leather football) who as soon as he was losing (jumpers for goalposts days) he ran home crying with his ball, Cameron did the political equivalent and resigned to spend more time with his book.

Make no mistake about Cameron he was not just born with a silver spoon in his mouth he was born with a whole canteen of cutlery in there. The man was all fur coats and no knickers as my mum would have said. He had the front but absolutely no backbone to lead the fight and put his country first.

I met him quite a few times, even before he became PM, and he was slicker than then the Torrey Canyon but his shipwreck of a career has not only damaged him but the whole nation.

How dare he say he was or is depressed? What the flipping hell does he think we have been feeling like for the last three years since he ran away and was the first one of the political class to completely betray us over what we voted for.

I am actually glad he has been fed up, “depressed” and found it hard to sleep as this man, with the backbone of a blancmange, betrayed us over Brexit and left us with the disaster that was Theresa the Appeaser. He deserves, just like Blair, not to be able to sleep at night.

When I met him, it was obvious that he had never suffered any real hardship, disappointments or failures in his gilded privileged life, and this coupled with his inbred sense of arrogance was always going to be a recipe for disaster.

We saw signs of this when he first came to power and suggested that we should all hug a hoodie rather than have tough policing, sentencing, a metaphorical slap rather than a hug. Who can forget the yobbo making the sign of gun and pretending to shoot him on a council estate?

To sell his tawdry book he has admitted he was out of his head on dope whilst at Eton. Is it too harsh to ask what mind-altering drugs he was on when he was in Downing Street? He can’t have been straight when he made some of those decisions, could he?

However, for all his privilege and education, Boris does have the common touch and as the polls illustrate he can connect and gain the trust of the British public. Boris can even do this despite the best efforts of his own party and the MSM to damage him but Cameron simply didn’t have a clue how to connect.

Hi support of Aston Villa being a prime example. Remember when in 2015 he told an audience in London he supported West Ham and not the Villa! He said it was brain fade. I say it was because they play in similar colours.

What is it with these oil slick politicians that they think the masses will love them if they support a football team? It is pathetic.

I’m not sure if Winston Churchill was a footie fan but by god did he understand the people and of course he too suffered with what he described as the black dog of real depression.

However, when faced with the Nazis gathering on the beaches of France, Churchill didn’t turn and run, did he? No, he faced them down and promised to fight them on the beaches. Cameron just seems to want to make enough cash to have a mansion on the beach in Cornwall and two other houses in London and Oxfordshire that are worth millions.

People don’t care about the education and background of their leaders as long as they lead. David, the clue is in the title, Lead!  But Cameron was on the lead or the leash of the EU from the very beginning of him becoming PM with the EU barking their orders just as they did with May.

He didn’t want a referendum and when he was eventually forced to promise one he never thought in a million years he would have to grant it. He was actually betting against his own team, the Conservative party, because he thought in that election we would have another coalition and he could blame the Lib Dems and Clegg for not allowing a referendum.

Don’t forget that he spent £9 MILLION pounds of your money producing a leaflet, which was about as interesting as his book, telling us to vote to remain just before the referendum spending limits were in place.

Of course, he then invited his globalist mates to all try and convince us that we had to stay.

Remember the speech he and his team wrote for Obama about us being at the back of the queue, not the line!

This incompetent posh boy couldn’t even get that right.

Then along with Gideon Osborne he ranked up Operation Fear and now he has the temerity to say that Gove and Boris acted appallingly in the Referendum campaign? Is he still out of his head on dope?

The only thing we can be grateful for from Cameron’s career and his book is the fact that after Blair’s antics he really confirmed to us what a bunch of self-serving pigs and liars Westminster is really full of.

The majority of this establishment elite never had and still don’t have any desire to let us leave the EU.

The remainiacs who have made Boris’ life hell these past few weeks were even in collusion with the enemy, the EU, about whether they would grant an extension to our exit if they managed with the help of that EU lickspittle speaker BERKow to derail Boris’ plans.

© REUTERS / Jessica TaylorBritain"s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons in London, Britain
Cameron Is a Coward - Sputnik International
Britain"s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons in London, Britain

Now in Cameron’s words in his book he actually admits that he ran off to Angela Merkal begging her to give him some concessions on freedom of movement to try and win the referendum when he saw the writing on the wall and she basically said Nein, nein, nein.

The remainiacs and the elite have been pretending their actions were protecting the sovereignty of parliament when it has been clear it is nothing of the sort and this weekend the Lib Dems have confirmed it by stating they wouldn’t even give us a second referendum if they were in power.

Dream on Swinson! You party conference has only just moved up from being held in a deserted phone box. You and your bunch of opportunists will never be in power as you hold the British public in disdain as much as Cameron, Blair and Corbyn.

Cameron says all the proceeds from the sale of his book are going to charity but he has of course been paid over £800 grand to write it and that is going straight into his back pocket.

The publication of the book is nothing about him making money and everything about him trying to discredit Boris and keep us in the EU. Any money he receives is pure blood money. The equivalent of his pieces of silver.

It’s not as if he needs the cash though is it, as his Missus’ dad owns most of Lincolnshire!

So, in effect Cameron has got 800 big ones for describing how he is a complete and utter failure.

Now he has the bare faced cheek, three years after he ran away, and at this most critical moment in our negotiations with the EU to serialise his book to inflict maximum damage on not only Boris but us as a Nation.

Cameron you are a miserable failure.

A coward who scarpered when your country needed you.

You are an opportunist and finally it would appear you are still on the leash of the EU as the publication of your book is just another part of Operation Fear and Smear designed to make us never leave the Mafia like grip of the undemocratic EU. Are you doing it out of spite because you never managed to jump on the EU Gravy train yourself?!

I will be buying your book when it comes out in paperback, posh boy, as the A5 page size will be much easier and convenient to use in the smallest room in the house.

‘Call Me Dave’? No I will call you a cowardly traitor who betrayed the people.

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