'Now I Have a Machine Gun': Jet Suit Gets a Head-Tracking Turret Mount

© Photo : YouTube/James BrutonJet Suit Head Tracking Shoulder Turret
Jet Suit Head Tracking Shoulder Turret - Sputnik International
The new shoulder-mounted turret allows the pilot to essentially fire at targets while keeping hands free to operate the suit.

It seems that the Gravity Industries’ jet suit that caught the public eye earlier this year is now one step closer to resembling the iconic "Iron Man" suit of the eponymous comic book hero, as it has now acquired the capacity to fire at targets of the pilot’s choosing.

This feat was made possible by a mechanical engineer named James Bruton, who introduced a head-tracking turret into the suit’s design, which can be fitted with a rifle (an Airsoft one so far).

"The jet suit guys from Gravity asked me if I could build a shoulder-mounted head-tracking gun turret, so they could have some fun flying around shooting", Bruton explained in the video detailing the process of the contraption’s creation and testing.

He also pointed out that while initially they wanted to build a two-axis turret that would do both pitch and yaw, they eventually decided to settle on a one-axis turret with a heavy duty actuator so that the gun won’t accidentally hit the pilot on the head while rotating.

According to the Daily Star, the suit’s five gas turbines are capable of producing over 1000 brake horsepower, and can propel the wearer at  speeds of up to 55 mph through the air.

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