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'Top Secret' Radar Upgrade Reportedly Allowed US Navy to Finally Spot UFOs

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The former naval radar operator noted that “everyone is seeing” the UFOs since a certain secret upgrade was introduced to US warships “fleet-wide”.

It appears that the infamous encounter of an unidentified “Tic Tac”-shaped object by the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was made possible due to a certain upgrade introduced to the warships’ spyware, according the recent revelations made by a retired US Navy Senior Chief Operations Specialist named Kevin Day.

During a recent interview on the “Truth Be Told” podcast, Day, who served as a radar operator on the USS Princeton, part of the aforementioned carrier group, mused that UFOs might’ve been around for quite some time before the Nimitz incident, when mankind upped its detection game

"There had been a top-secret upgrade of our system that had gotten underway”, he said as quoted by the Daily Star. “They upgraded our cooperative engagement capability and did some tweaking on our spy radar and the way that it all works. I think because of these upgrades we were suddenly able to see things that had always been there.”

Day also remarked that the hypothesis about the older detection systems simply being unable to spot UFOs might explain why “everyone is seeing them” now, after the radar upgrade in question was introduced “fleet-wide.”

And when the host asked him whether he thinks that the object they encountered back then was an extraterrestrial craft, Day said yes.

"This was non-newtonian, it was non-classical physics we're seeing so it had to be something", he said. "What other explanations are there?"
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