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A protester wears a British union flag as people gather near parliament during Brexit demonstrations in London, Friday March 29, 2019. - Sputnik International

Live Updates: Brexit Drama Continues After Parliament Speaker Blocks Vote on PM Johnson's Deal

Brussels and London struck a Brexit agreement on Thursday, with the bloc making the necessary preparations to ratify the accord. Both sides, however, still consider the risk of a no-deal scenario to be high, especially after House of Commons Speaker John Bercow rejected the government's motion for a new Brexit vote in Parliament on Monday.

The standoff between the Cabinet and the Parliament continues, as lawmakers want to have another Brexit delay for the country, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists that the UK will leave the European Union by 31 October.

The prime minister has even refused to sign a government letter requesting another extension, stressing it was coming from MPs in a separate letter to Brussels.

© REUTERS / Tom NicholsonAnti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, October 17, 2019
Live Updates: Brexit Drama Continues After Parliament Speaker Blocks Vote on PM Johnson's Deal - Sputnik International
Anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, October 17, 2019

London also triggered Operation Yellowhammer, which seeks to protect Britons from any negative consequences of a hard Brexit, including issues with their citizenship during border checks, potential problems with food supplies, trade conflicts, national security issues, etc.

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Lawmakers voted 322 to 308 against the so-called programme motion, under which the government expected to pass the legislation at an accelerated pace. According to many lawmakers, as cited by Reuters, it did not give them enough time to study such an important bill.

18:22 GMT 22.10.2019

MPs have voted 329 versus 299 in favour of the Brexit legislation, allowing a vote on the so-called programme motion, which establishes an accelerated timetable for Westminster to approve the Withdrawal Agreement Bill by the end of Thursday.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged lawmakers to support the legislation so "we can get Brexit done and move our country on". He warned that if they fail, the “bill will have to be pulled” and he would seek an early election -- although he needs the support of the main opposition Labour Party.

"I will argue at that election: let's get Brexit done", he said.

13:32 GMT 22.10.2019
13:26 GMT 22.10.2019

According to the PM, if lawmakers do not approve his accelerated three-day timetable for the Brexit bill, he will insist on a new election.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Johnson told lawmakers that if they rejected the timetable, "the bill will have to be pulled and we will have to go forward to a general election".

13:13 GMT 22.10.2019

"Our European friends could not be clearer: the deal on the table is the one contained in this bill and the decision for this House is whether to ratify this deal rather than going round in circles in a futile attempt to construct a new one", he told parliament.

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A protest against a hard Brexit on the Irish border - Sputnik International
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