PewDiePie Calls for Stop to Instagram Filters

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PewDiePie   - Sputnik International
The world’s most subscribed YouTuber, Felix Kjellberg – aka PewDiePie, is currently taking a short break from doing daily Minecraft episodes, which have brought him widespread popularity and 100 million subscribers during his blogging career, by returning to posting various reaction clips.

King of YouTube Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has just posted a new video calling on his 102-million-strong audience to stop using Instagram filters, while giving a hysterical reaction to some of them.

In a video titled “We need to STOP INSTAGRAM filters”, PewDiePie, who remains the most popular YouTuber of all time, has been trying on different IG filters, while admitting that despite some controversies surrounding the beautifying features, he loves messing with the app when he does not have access to the Internet.

“Any time I don’t have Internet I always go on Instagram and I check out these filters”, the YouTuber admitted. “But I never post them… So today I decided I’ll entertain myself with you guys”.

While it took the blogger 14 minutes to go through the popular platform’s filters, he was blown away when he came across his own Minecraft character in the app.

“Huh! What!?” the YouTuber exclaimed after seeing himself. “I'm PewDiePie! This is so cool!”
PewDiePie - Sputnik International
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“How do they do this? This is sick!” the Swedish blogger added, after changing the app's background to resemble a Minecraft map.

PewDiePie, who reached the benchmark of 100 million subscribers this August by posting daily Minecraft gaming content videos, has recently gone back to doing a mix of reaction content clips, including his widely popular meme reviews.  

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