Why Did the Beaver Cross the Road? Little Animal Tries to Steal Huge Tree

© Photo : PixabayBeaver
Beaver - Sputnik International
Most animals live a carefree life – they don’t have to work or build, they just hunt for their food or eat some plants, provided by nature – and that's it. However, there are some exceptions like industrious bees, hardworking ants, and, of course, that one species of mammals which is always busy with construction work!

This footage captured in Bavaria shows a beaver carrying a long chunk of wood across the road, blocking traffic in the process. The animal seems to be pretty determined, and won't drop it.

People to the Rescue!

Beaver - Sputnik International
Two Eager Beavers Go on Shopping Spree in Massachusetts
Of course, people in a nearby car could not just sit and wait – they rushed to help the little guy.

Maybe some of them were fellow construction industry professionals or just love animals and nature in general – it doesn't matter. In the end, this happened in Germany, where people are ready to work hard – and so are beavers. Even during the difficult night shift!

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