Chewbacca or Husky: Charming Doggo Makes Wookie Sounds to Go for Walk

© Photo : manson.charlesmarylin.thehusky / Adorable Husky
Adorable Husky - Sputnik International
We all remember Chewbacca, a legendary Wookiee warrior and Han Solo's co-pilot from Star Wars, but can you imagine that your doggo could also be a Wookie?

The good boy from the video obviously could be Chewbacca's relative, as he makes a typical Wookie sound to get his mommy to go for a walk. The adorable husky boy quite literally goes crazy after seeing a dog-leash. He knows exactly how to get his way, as apart from making all those "roos", the charming pup made eyes at his owner, who confessed that she "can't resist those faces". Hopefully, after all that effort, the doggo got to go for a walk that day.

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Публикация от Manson the Husky (@manson.charlesmarylin.thehusky)

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