Oldest Burger in the World? 24-Year-Old McDonalds Quarter Pounder Reportedly Found in Australia

The last surviving McDonald’s burger in Iceland had just turned 10 years old when its record age was surpassed by another, older burger, this time in Australia, ABC reported.

Two men from Adelaide, Australia, Casey Dean and his friend Eduard Nitz, say they bought a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese almost 25 years ago, ABC reported.

The boys kept the burger for their friend, but he didn't show up, so they say they "still have the burger". What started as a joke turned into a very popular thing in 2015, when they discovered the burger - and it still looked the same. The two posted photos and videos of the burger online, resulting in it going viral. The burger even has its own website and a Tinder profile, although these were closed as it took too much time to answer all the responses, reports say.

"It's as hard as a rock", Casey Dean said, adding that it has never smelled at all.

Prior to this, another old burger from McDonald's, which is on display in Iceland, became very popular, as it celebrated its 10th birthday last week, according to reports.

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