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© AP Photo / Frank AugsteinBritain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his Leader's speech at the Conservative Party Conference
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his Leader's speech at the Conservative Party Conference - Sputnik International
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined that the UK will be able to leave the EU earlier should the Conservatives gain a significant parliamentary majority following December’s general election.

The Tory’s chances of winning outright have suffered a blow in recent days, with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage refusing to stand down candidates from marginal Labour seats and, despite rumours of a pact potentially being formed between them, nothing has materialised as of yet.

So with this in mind, are Johnson’s predictions of being able to deliver Brexit by the end of the transition period stipulated in his divorce bill realistic? And is a no-deal Brexit still possible?

According to political commentator and media personality, Sir Benjamin Slade, Brexit needs to be done as it will make the UK richer and freer.

Sputnik: Will the Conservatives win December’s general election?

Sir Benjamin Slade: Boris Johnson could do spectacularly well, but he has to do a deal with the Brexit Party because there are people in the north of England and elsewhere who would never vote for the Conservatives, but they are Brexiteers.

Farage is a man of the people and Johnson should let him fight some of these northern seats and others. If they got it right, there might be ninety seats for the Conservatives, which would enable them to finally get on with Brexit.

Brexit has to be done, because we as a country will be richer, but the most important thing is that we will be free. All these countries like India, Ireland and Pakistan, they don’t want to come back into the British Empire, they are free and it is very important for countries to be able to make their own decisions.

Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers his inaugural outside Downing Street, in London, Great Britain. - Sputnik International
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My cousin was sitting cross-legged with Mahatma Gandhi (she was his girlfriend actually, called Madeleine Slade) in front of the viceroy, and the viceroy was banging on and saying "you’ll have fifty million dead, you’re going to starve, it’s all going to go wrong, it’s never going to work, it’s absolutely terrible, you should stick with us", and Gandhi sat there looking at him and said, "We have the right to run our own country as badly as we want to."

In Ireland, Asquith was banging on to Michael Collins and said, "Look, you hate each other, you’ve got the northerners, the Ulster lot, but you’ve got your lot, they hate each other, they’ll have a civil war, it’s all going to go wrong, you don’t want to trade with us and we buy eighty percent of your goods" and all this, but eventually Collins said, "This is our country, we are going to do what we want, it’s probably going to cost me my life" and Asquith said, "it’s probably going to cost me my job."

That’s the way it is. All those countries in Africa, they don’t want to come back. I know they are all murdering each other and all the rest of it, but they don’t want to come back.

Sputnik: Would leaving the EU without a deal be the best option for the UK?

Sir Benjamin Slade: It’s a terrible deal, we lose this, we lose that. If we went out without a deal, we could use the 39 billion that we wouldn’t have to pay the EU. That would be great. We don’t want to be subject to any of their laws, jurisdictions and all the rest of it.

All this business of being locked in for three years is rubbish. If you came out with a clean break, you could join the European Economic Area, which is Switzerland, Norway and the gang, and you go in there and stay there for a year while you do your trade deals, and if you’re part of that group you still trade with Europe anyway and you don’t have to pay them 39 billion for the privilege.

As a matter of fact, if you’ve got their 39 billion and you’ve got your foot on their throat, we can get a much better deal than any of the others can.

Sputnik: Would it be bad for Britain’s economy if Jeremy Corbyn was elected Prime Minister?

Sir Benjamin Slade: At the end of the day, Corbyn probably is a Brexiteer. He’s been much maligned in the press. It’s gutter politics. All they do is they shout and say dreadful things about each other, and lies. Corbyn’s not as bad as they say he is, but he won’t be able to do half of the things he wants to do if he’s in the EU.

The one that confuses me is Mrs Sturgeon who wants to confiscate the land of the 441 landowners. She wants to nationalise this, that and the other, but she can’t do that if she wants to remain part of Europe because we have the European Human Rights Property Act. So, she can’t do those things.

Nigel Farage at the Brexit Party rally - Sputnik International
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Sturgeon thinks she wants independence; well I’d like her to get independence because that would save England 20 billion anyway, and they’d have to trade with us, as 80 to 90 percent of their goods come our way. So, I would like Scotland to gain independence.

Talking about referendums, we in England have never been asked whether we want Scotland to get independence. It’s all these wonderful politicians flying around in jets, managing this and managing that.

Scotland had the right to run their own country as badly as they want to. I think it would be brilliant if Scotland won their independence. They wouldn’t be independent for many years, maybe they’d want to come back in maybe ten years, but it’s their privilege.

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