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Video: Man Fires Shots into Street From Assault Rifle Over Family Conflict in Russia's Koltushi

A man has alarmed the small Russian town of Koltushi, located near St. Petersburg with gunfire purportedly from a military-grade assault rifle. The incident has been caught on video by local eyewitnesses.

The video depicting the incident shows a couple of obscure silhouettes allegedly grappling on the balcony of an apartment block.

A female eyewitness, who purportedly filmed the incident, says in Russian: "Take a look! What are they doing there? Fighting? Wow...!" and after a brief comment by the eyewitness, automatic weapon shots are fired. 

The quality of the footage makes it impossible to identify the exact type of weapon used by the individual. Local media said that police have responded to the incident. There has been no information on damage or casualties. The shooter reportedly opened fire after a family squabble.

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