Indian City Provides Cold Cows With Tailored Winter Coats and Bonfire, Dividing Netizens

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New Delhi (Sputnik): In recent years, laws have been tightened to protect the holy cows revered as sacred in Hinduism. In another step towards the welfare of the bovines, a local governing body of the Indian holy city of Ayodhya has decided to protect the cows from harsh winters.
A local governing body of Uttar Pradesh’s holy city of Ayodhya has ordered tailor-made coats for the cows to keep them warm during the winter months.

The elaborate plans for the approaching winters also involve the setting up of bonfires in cow shelters to save them from the extreme cold. The council will also make arrangements to provide straw beds for the bovines.

The special scheme by Ayodhya Municipal Corporation will involve the stitching of two-layered jute coats for cows and three-layered coats for the calves. The calves' coats will have an innermost layer of soft cloth.

The commissioner of the council has said the coats for the cows and bulls will have separate designs.

The decision has evoked several reactions on social media. While many were amused by the decision, others criticised it for focusing on unnecessary issues. Still others claimed it was normal practice for villagers to provide jute coats for the cows to keep them warm during winters.

Others pointed out the discrimination towards cows as all other animals will equally feel the chill.

Others were warmed with the news and asked people to not be too upset by the news.

According to Niraj Shukla, Commissioner of the Municipal Council of Ayodhya, the scheme will be implemented in three-four phases. Around 1,200 cattle including 700 bulls will be given the coats in first phase. The first delivery is set to arrive in the end November and the coast of each coat will cost Rs.250-300 (approximately $4). 

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