Monkey See, Monkey Love: Cute Baby Primate Adores its Mommy

© Photo : Ramblings/twitterMonkey
Monkey - Sputnik International
The bond between a child and its mother is no doubt a strong one and this is also true of primates, who, after all, our closest relatives.

An adorable baby monkey has been caught on a video snuggling with its mommy. At first, the little mischief-maker tried to get away from its mum, but she firmly grabbed at its rear leg so it does not escape.

But the kid did not mind its mother's company, as it started clutching at mum's hair and nibbling at her face gently.

The mother did not seem to be against this kind of treatment at all - on the contrary, she seemed really composed and serene, probably, because she knew that her child is safe and by her side.

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