UFO Hunter Exposes "Russian Meddling" in Alien Ship Cover-up by NASA Aboard ISS

© Photo : YouTube/ ET Data Base Mysterious figure appears during ISS feed
Mysterious figure appears during ISS feed - Sputnik International
Commenting on his findings, the conspiracy theorist claimed that the video and audio recordings examined by him confirm that both Russia and NASA are well aware of the fact that aliens frequently visit the ISS.

Scott C. Waring, a prolific hunter of things extraterrestrial who previously spied a "sarcophagus" on Mars and discovered a sunken "Asian Atlantis" off the coast of Japan, has recently delivered yet another bombshell reveal, claiming that a Russian cosmonaut aboard the ISS acknowledged the presence of a UFO in the vicinity of the station.

Detailing his findings on his blog ET Database, Waring presented a fragment of NASA’s live stream from the station, which he claims features UFOs uncloaking, and then drew the audience’s attention to an audio recording of what appears to be a conversation between a Russian cosmonaut stationed on the ISS and NASA ground control.

"When the Russian astronaut aboard the ISS said, ‘a ship...’, the NASA ground control cut him off and said, ‘Copy all’, before he could finish what he was saying. She already saw it on live cam at ground control", he wrote. "She reacted fast, before he could talk about it too much...but he already said the most important thing he could...’a ship!’"

Waring also pointed out that the video seems to become "fuzzy" when what he described as UFOs make their appearance, with the conspiracy theorist arguing that extraterrestrial spacecraft are known to cause "electrical disturbances" and even shut down vehicles and watches.

"So...here is 100% proof that NASA and Russia know that aliens frequently visit the space station," he claimed.

The conspiracy theorist has previously made a number of claims related to various peculiar objects he allegedly found in NASA photos, such as alien tech on the asteroid Bennu or an alien base on the surface of the Moon, but the US space agency attributed at least one of his discoveries to the effect of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

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