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Cummings: If Labour Win, 'Millions of Foreign Citizens' Will 'Cheat' Second Referendum

© AP Photo / Alastair GrantDominic Cummings, a British political strategist and special adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, slinks into 10 Downing Street in London, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)
Dominic Cummings, a British political strategist and special adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, slinks into 10 Downing Street in London, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant) - Sputnik International
The politician warned even though many polls say Johnson will win, “as someone who’s worked on lots of campaigns” he was certain things were “much tighter than they seem” and there’s a “very real possibility” of another hung parliament. 

Dominic Cummings, Special Adviser to Boris Johnson, has claimed if the Prime Minister fails to get a majority in the General Election, Labour and the SNP will give “millions of foreign citizens” the opportunity to “cheat” a second Brexit referendum.

Writing on his official blog, Cummings stated “many MPs” have behaved “honestly” in attempting to respect the result of the referendum – but suggested others “have done all they could to overturn it”, and slammed those who supported these alleged ‘wrecking’ efforts.

“Some like Dominic Grieve told voters at the last election he would respect the referendum then did the opposite. MPs like him should be forced from public life in disgrace for their shameless dishonesty. A powerful network did all they could to stop Brexit and make a pro-Brexit government impossible. Billionaires hired lawyers to write legislation and start legal cases to force delay, hoping that delay would bring the chance for another referendum. They succeeded,” he fulminated.

​Cummings stated the situation – “unprecedented in modern British history and outside all normal civil service rules” – led to MPs, “some of them working with foreign governments”, endeavouring to block Brexit, and Corbyn and Sturgeon among others using their parliamentary powers to “force” Johnson’s administration to ask for not merely further delays to leaving to the EU, but accepting “any” conditions demanded by Brussels.

He feels “powerful insiders” remain committed to doing “absolutely anything” to maintain their “grip on power and money” and stop voters from from taking back control of either.

“If Boris doesn’t get a majority, Corbyn will take control of No 10 in alliance with Sturgeon plus the Liberal Democrats. If this alliance takes control, their official policy is to give millions of EU citizens the vote in the second referendum. They don’t plan to lose again and they’ve literally written into their manifesto they will cheat the second referendum — apart from giving millions of foreign citizens the vote, they’ll rig the question so the ‘choice’ is effectively ‘Remain or Remain’, cheat the rules, do anything, supported by the likes of Goldman Sachs writing the cheques like they did in 2016, to ensure Remain wins,” Cummings raged.  

He forecast that if Corbyn took power, Labour would spend “half next year negotiating some new deal” then the second half of the year will be “a cheated referendum in which millions of foreign citizens will be allowed to vote” and another Scottish independence referendum, amounting to “guaranteed chaos”.

As a result, Cummings cautioned against backing the Brexit Party, as he feels it “overwhelmingly likely” a vote for the party is “effectively a vote for Corbyn-Sturgeon”.

“We need to win seats in the Midlands and North from Labour. Many of these seats voted Leave but have Labour MPs. [Brexit Party] often scores around 10 percent in some of these seats while the Conservatives and Labour are neck-and-neck. If Leave supporters vote for the Brexit Party, then many of these seats will go to Corbyn, maybe by just a few hundred votes. There are practically no seats where the Brexit Party has a realistic chance of winning — at most I think there are one or two, certainly less than five,” he explained.

“Without a majority, the nightmare continues. All other MPs will gang together to stop Brexit and give EU citizens the vote. It’s that simple. And if we win, and we get Brexit done by 31 January, then you’re invited to the Vote Leave party in No10!” Cummings concluded.
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