Fearless Diver and Predator: Girl Swims With 20ft Great White Shark in Hawaii

The great white shark, also known as the great white, white shark, or "white pointer", is one of the largest predatory fish on Earth. On average, these sharks grow up to 20 feet (6.4 metres) in length. White sharks are found in all the world’s oceans except the Arctic and are considered the most dangerous species of shark for humans.

Diver and professional scuba instructor Ocean Ramsey has been captured on video while swimming fearlessly near a 20-foot (6-metre) white shark. The video has gone viral and garnered more than nine million views.

The girl, wearing a mask and flippers, is seen swimming near the large predator and films it with her a GoPro camera. She then touches the shark's pectoral fin with her left hand and follows it for several seconds. Judging by the video, the shark was left unfazed by its unexpected contact with a human.

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