'Universal Lego Sorting Machine' Made Out of Lego Uses AI to Recognise Bricks - Video

Almost everybody had Lego toys at their homes when they were children, and even a lot of adults are big fans of these extremely popular constructor toys made of plastic bricks. Unfortunately, Lego details have always tended to make a mess in the room. But what if there was a special machine to sort the bricks?

Scientists from all over the world have always been creating things to make peoples' lives much easier. Software engineer and AI enthusiast Daniel West is a recent example. West mused about the struggles which Lego fans face and invented a machine, which he dubbed the "Universal Lego Sorting Machine," to deal with the problem. The technology allows for the sorting of Lego bricks as it recognizes them using AI. In a YouTube video, Daniel explains in detail how he created his Lego sorting machine using motors, AI and Lego details.

The machine itself is also made of Lego elements. To sort the bricks, you just have to put the bricks in the hopper and let the magical machine to do its job. The machine is able to separate the details and put them into one of the 18 buckets. The neural network sorts the Lego bricks using 3D images of Lego details, according to West. He said that the machine can recognize about 3,000 different Lego parts. He also said that the network can learn to recognize blocks which were never seen before in real life so long as there are 3D images of the Lego components to train on.

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